Tier 3 and Tier 4 Raid Counter Infographics

I did my best to make my wife go blind these last few days making her mess with teeny tiny Pokemon Go icons in Photoshop. But if you know anything about Pokebattler, you know we can’t rest until we’ve got THE most accurate and effective Pokemon analyses! So while there are plenty of nice looking infographics floating around out there in the interwebs, and some may even be more attractive or better organized, NONE are more accurate or effective than these! How do I know? Because as far as I can tell, everyone making these infographics is using my site. And I JUST updated my site (twice) for more accuracy, which is what these infographics are based on. Plus those other graphics aren’t even trying to show counters based on the move the raid boss is using, which is a big deal! If you go in to a Alakazam fight with Tyranitar and he has Focus Blast, you are in for a world of pain (unless you dodge).

Download Tier 3 counter
Download Tier 4 counter
Download Combined Tier 3 and Tier 4 counter

Reading the Infographics

Borrowing some organization styles from other infographics, and using the updated data from the interactive raid guide, these guides will help you get started on a raid when you don’t know what types of moves your boss has yet. The icons below each mon are the strongest types of quick and special moves.”All’ means all their move sets are good. Some Pokemons have two icons separated with a slash. For these, the top left one is stronger than the bottom right, but they are both good choices. On the right side, there are specific counters for after you’ve lost the first round and know what types of moves the boss is using. The icons to the right of the counter are types of moves that you should use this counter against. Typically these counters are strong but have a very big weakness such as Tyranitar vs. raid bosses with fighting moves. But if a boss is REALLY throwing you for a loop, or if your level if throwing off your counters, it’s time to get custom results using pokebattler.com. Fortunately for you, it’s as mobile-user friendly as I can make it.

Using custom counters from the Interactive Raid Guide

Many players may just use the infographics to choose their guys and call it a day. But if you’re a Pokebattler.com user, you don’t just stop there. You see the infographic as something to help you get started and do a few rounds with your raid boss to see how you do. But if you haven’t got a strong team for a raid 4, or are trying to solo a tier 3, you’re probably going to lose that first round. So like I mentioned before, pay attention to the types of moves your raid boss is using. Sometimes it’s obvious – Arcanine only has one special electric move – wild charge. And in that case, he’s going to murder your normally very effective Vaporeons way too quickly. The other thing the interactive raid guide gives you is the ability to choose your level and attack strategy. If you want to solo a boss, sometimes you have to dodge!

Data used for this chart

Pokebattler is by far the most analytical Pokemon Go site out there. There are a huge number of simulation options and it is constantly being updated. The most recent update added full support for raids, running 6 attackers in a row against the boss. This helps handle some situations that were skewing the results of previous simulations. For example, if you managed to get 2 big solar beams off and then die to a quick attack, there was no penalty for the 2nd attacker having to face an immediate special to the face. I know what some of you are thinking, ‘I have no idea what he’s talking about’ and that’s okay! Just leave the simulations to me and trust that the results have the best research currently available behind them. For the few of you who do want to get into the details, I encourage you to join me in the Pokebattler subreddit for detailed Pokemon Go research.

How I Get My Results
So when new research is complete, new highly accurate monte carlo simulations need to be run. These take up a ton of space even in highly optimized binary format! The latest update is still generating for all combinations of rankings but the results for this infographic were from monte carlo runs. This means 200 simulations were run for each possible combination of movesets that every attacker and boss might have. The results from all possible movesets were collected in the below table along with the chart. As before, the overall numbers below can be used to see which bosses are easiest, with the most counters. These numbers should not be used for soloing, for that, use the raid guide and sort by time to win!

Tier 3, level 30 attacker, no dodging, Monte Carlo

Raid BossQuickSpecialOverall
ArcanineSnarlWild Charge212.7%
ArcanineFire FangWild Charge214.5%
ArcanineFire FangCrunch221.8%
ArcanineSnarlFire Blast232.1%
ArcanineFire FangFire Blast232.7%
AlakazamConfusionShadow Ball167.2%
AlakazamConfusionFocus Blast167.4%
AlakazamPsycho CutShadow Ball171.1%
AlakazamConfusionFuture Sight183.0%
AlakazamPsycho CutFocus Blast192.0%
AlakazamPsycho CutFuture Sight206.6%
MachampCounterHeavy Slam212.7%
MachampBullet PunchDynamic Punch213.9%
MachampCounterDynamic Punch214.9%
MachampBullet PunchHeavy Slam216.8%
MachampBullet PunchClose Combat238.8%
MachampCounterClose Combat240.3%
GengarSucker PunchShadow Ball190.1%
GengarHexShadow Ball192.6%
GengarHexSludge Bomb226.9%
GengarSucker PunchSludge Bomb228.3%
GengarHexFocus Blast232.9%
GengarSucker PunchFocus Blast243.6%
VaporeonWater GunWater Pulse217.7%
VaporeonWater GunAqua Tail217.7%
VaporeonWater GunHydro Pump221.7%
JolteonVolt SwitchThunderbolt155.7%
JolteonThunder ShockDischarge157.3%
JolteonThunder ShockThunderbolt157.5%
JolteonVolt SwitchDischarge158.5%
JolteonVolt SwitchThunder159.6%
JolteonThunder ShockThunder167.5%
FlareonFire SpinOverheat178.6%
FlareonFire SpinFire Blast179.1%
FlareonEmberFire Blast179.1%
FlareonFire SpinFlamethrower180.7%

Tier 4, level 30 attacker, no dodging, Monte Carlo

Raid BossQuickSpecialOverall
VenusaurVine WhipSludge Bomb196.9%
VenusaurRazor LeafSludge Bomb197.8%
VenusaurRazor LeafSolar Beam218.1%
VenusaurVine WhipSolar Beam222.2%
VenusaurRazor LeafPetal Blizzard226.8%
VenusaurVine WhipPetal Blizzard230.2%
CharizardAir SlashOverheat262.9%
CharizardAir SlashDragon Claw264.3%
CharizardFire SpinDragon Claw264.5%
CharizardFire SpinOverheat265.1%
CharizardAir SlashFire Blast268.1%
CharizardFire SpinFire Blast269.9%
BlastoiseWater GunIce Beam177.6%
BlastoiseBiteIce Beam178.0%
BlastoiseWater GunHydro Pump204.7%
BlastoiseBiteHydro Pump204.7%
BlastoiseBiteFlash Cannnon207.0%
BlastoiseWater GunFlash Cannnon208.8%
RhydonMud SlapStone Edge252.9%
RhydonMud SlapEarthquake255.9%
RhydonMud SlapMegahorn257.7%
RhydonRock SmashEarthquake262.3%
RhydonRock SmashStone Edge265.5%
RhydonRock SmashMegahorn267.2%
LaprasFrost BreathIce Beam222.4%
LaprasWater GunIce Beam225.2%
LaprasFrost BreathBlizzard228.9%
LaprasFrost BreathHydro Pump237.3%
LaprasWater GunBlizzard243.1%
LaprasWater GunHydro Pump244.9%
SnorlaxZen HeadbuttHyper Beam193.8%
SnorlaxZen HeadbuttHeavy Slam207.5%
SnorlaxLickHeavy Slam214.0%
SnorlaxLickHyper Beam215.5%
SnorlaxZen HeadbuttEarthquake215.8%
TyranitarIron TailCrunch235.2%
TyranitarIron TailFire Blast237.8%
TyranitarIron TailStone Edge238.3%
TyranitarBiteFire Blast241.0%
TyranitarBiteStone Edge257.1%


Infographics are a lot of work, especially when you have high quality standards like Pokebattler does. We hope you find these infographics useful in your raids. As always, the official raid guide is always kept up to date with the latest and greatest information.

My next updates will include allowing you to enter your own personal Pokémon and getting counter results based on your own custom line up, so keep checking back later.

Special thanks to Reddit and Twitter fans

I posted this yesterday and was informed of some errors so I deleted the post. In addition, there were multiple bug reports on twitter so I decided to ship out yet another release and tweak the formulas to make them more consistant and fit the meta. This has the new updated power formulas and the new weighting for Overall that is now 2/3s time to win and 1/3 power. The effect of this is to dramatically shift the rankings towards the higher dps options.