Professor Willow’s Handbook: Introduction

Professor Willow’s Handbook

This amazingly helpful, thorough and scientific Pokemon Go guide was written and updated by AlpolloOptik, originally posted at and posted here with their permission to help Pokemon Go players everywhere get the most out of their experience. 


First, I would like to make clear what Pokémon Go (PoGo) is all about, and that is having fun! Meeting other people and getting around are positive side effects, at least for most players.

As is often the case, there is not that one “best” way to play PoGo. Everyone has their own priorities and ideal way of playing. Some people want to fill out their Pokédex as quickly as possible, others are more interested in gym fights and raids, and still, others use PoGo primarily as a motivation to get outside each day.

I personally have a scientific background, so my way of playing is influenced by that. I try to use the resources (Stardust, Pokécoins, golden Razz Berries, etc.) as efficiently as possible and maximize my success at raids by choosing the best counter Pokémon. In this guide, I will try to share some of my experiences and provide tips and information for beginners as well as experienced players. For the ones who get overwhelmed by the math have no fear, there will be a summary at the end of every section. remember, it is NOT necessary to understand all of the game’s mechanics to play the game successfully and have fun!

Many thanks to the inspirational and awesome PhillyEv, Nik0lAu5, Waidla87, NovemberDays, Radlman, and everyone who supported the creation of this guide with suggestions and corrections. Special thanks go to the Silph Road team for publishing great research and establishing their subreddit as a place for scientific discussion around the game. I also want to thank the Pokébattler team for creating such a wonderful tool to simulate battles and raids.

Table of Contents:





Catch Probability 

Moves, IVs and More

Weather Effects

Team Building

Using Pokebattler