Professor Willow’s Handbook: Gyms


Gyms serve as:

  • Spawn points for raid bosses
  • Pokéstops that can be spun like standard Pokéstops, granting bonus items depending on the gym badge (see 3 Gym badges)
  • Source for Pokécoins. A gym has space for up to 6 Pokémon of one team and generates coins for the defended duration.

Pokémon in a gym lose their “motivation” over time, i.e. their CP gets reduced. The motivation loss depends on the Pokémon’s maximum CP. Pokémon with high CP lose motivation exponentially faster than Pokémon with low CP (details). High stamina Pokémon with a low max CP (e.g. Chansey) tend to be the best long-term defenders while high stamina Pokémon with a high max CP (e.g. Blissey) tend to be the best short-term defenders. Holding a gym brings advantages for the defending team such as bonus items for spinning the Pokéstop and bonus balls for completed raids (see section 4 Raid battles).

1.1     Attacking a gym

Defeating a defending Pokémon reduces its motivation. Without interruptions, a Pokémon at full motivation must be defeated three times to be kicked out of the gym. From the time one Pokémon is kicked out, the defending team is not able place a new Pokémon in the gym for 10 min. A good strategy to conquer strongly defended gyms can be found here.

1.2     Defending a gym

Gyms can only be defended by feeding berries to the defending Pokémon. One Trainer can feed a maximum of 10 unique Pokémon up to 10 berries per 30 min. Nanab Berries are slightly more efficient than Razz and Pinap Berries. Every consecutive berry suffers from diminishing returns (see Table 2). Golden Razz Berries are an exception and always restore 100 % of the motivation.

Berry Pinap or Razz Berry Nanab Berry
1 12 % 15 %
2 4.8 % 6.0 %
3 2.4 % 3.0 %
4 1.2 % 1.5 %
5 0.96 % 1.2 %
6-10 0.8 % 1.0 %
all 10 25.36 % 28,7 %

Table 2: Restored CP by feeding berries (Source)

It is also possible to remote feed at gyms where one has a Pokémon assigned as defender. Simply go to the defending Pokémon in the Pokébox and click “go to gym”. When feeding a Pokémon remotely the restored motivation for non-golden berries depends on the distance to the gym.

1.3     Gym badges

Every interaction with a gym (fighting, defending, feeding, completing raids, …) awards gym experience (details see Table 4) for gym badges (bronze, silver, gold, details see Table 3). Gym badges increase the number of items and experience gained by spinning the gym Pokéstop.

Badge Gym Experience Bonus Items, (Team bonus)
Bronze 500 1, (1)
Silver 4000 2, (1)
Gold 30000 3, (2)

Table 3: Gym badge experience(Source)

Activity Gym Experience
Defending a gym 1 per min
Feeding berries 10
Deploying a defender 100
Winning a raid 1000
Winning a battle 0,01 per defender‘s CP
Losing a battle 5

Table 4: Gym badge XP sources (Source)