Raid Advice

Our new raid advice tool helps you figure out which Pokemon to power up and spend stardust and candy on most effectively against specific raid bosses.

It shows you breakdowns of every single powerup and a graph to illustrate breakpoints. You can filter the graph with all the different results options.

Check out our tutorial to see how Pokebattler’s Ryan Barker should power up his Pokemon to beat Kyogre!

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Using the Raid Advice Tool

Make sure you’ve logged into your Pokebox. You can only look at your own Pokemon you’ve entered into your Pokebox in our advice tool. After you’ve logged in, click the icon next to your profile name, and select ‘Raid Advice,’ under the Pokebox link. It will take you to this:

Now you want to fill out all your preferences. This tool is designed to optimize your Pokemon against specific raid bosses. So you need to choose the raid boss you want to optimize for, weather (use extreme for no weather effect), your attack strategy, and most importantly,  your stardust and candy available.

For candy – this can get tricky. You probably have candy for specific Pokemon and rare candy that can be used for any Pokemon. The easiest thing to do is just put how much rare candy you want to spend. But if you’re just looking to optimize a specific Pokemon, you can enter how much candy you have available for just that one too.

Once you filled everything out, click Power Up Pokemon. It will give you your results, like so:

This is your potential dream team against your chosen raid boss. Now our tool applies up to the maximum allowed stardust and candy to every possible Pokemon in your Pokebox. So you won’t be able to power up every single one like it’s suggested. This is just showing the potential of each one and illustrates how your best lineup against certain bosses would change once you apply stardust. You may want to compare them side by side with your normal line up by opening a second window like I did in my tutorial video above.

To really get an idea of how to power up your Pokemon the best, you need to click on them. Then you will get a series of different stats and info like the following:

The first results show you the before and after assuming you spend the maximum suggested stardust and candy. Next is the graph showing how each power-up effect various stats, then you get the full detailed stats for every power-up including their total cost of candy and stardust.

Starting and Powered Up Results

This is a nice snapshot of before and after. It gives you a strong idea of the difference made before and after you’ve applied the maximum possible powerups. This example shows a level 20 Raikou that gets powered up to become a MUCH stronger counter against Kyogre. See how his power (or the amount of health he takes from Kyogre) goes up over 4%? That’s a huge jump!

The graph allows you to look for breakpoints. See that nice bump that happens at power-up 12? That’s a breakpoint! You can see how all the stats break down on the results list below. But before you scroll down, play around with the graph. The x-axis lets you explore power-ups, CP, candy, and stardust separately.

The y-axis lets you look at overall, power, time to win, potions, deaths, and win %.

Detailed Results

This is all the detailed stats that help you see how each stat changes with each power-up, and how much everything costs.

You can also see the breakpoints here. See how this Raikou jumps up from 9.8% power to 10.6% power with one power up at power up 12? Then at power up 13, he stays the same! That’s why we made this tool, to help you see how much more, or less, efficient different power-ups are.

We hope this tool helps you optimize your raid parties. Happy hunting!