The Pokedex page is a great place to analyze Pokemon in depth. Think of it as a wiki page for each Pokemon. It shows all the different stats and moves of every Pokemon and ranks them by best attack and defense moves. It also shows which top 30 attackers each Pokemon is strongest against, ranked, which you can customize by available move-set. It also shows the best top 30 Pokemon to put against a the Pokemon you are analyzing that is defending a gym.

Customize Pokemon

  • Level – Choose the level of the attacker and defender Pokemon
  • Choose your strategies – Customize to your preferences. See Attack Strategies and Dodge Strategies for more info.
  • Sort – You can sort the best move types by:


A percent that represents how many times a pokemon would kill another. 250% means it would kill it 2 times and then die halfway through the 3rd attempt. 75% means it died after only doing 75% of the targets health.

Time to Win

Shows the amount of time it would take for the Pokemon to win. 2 seconds is added for each time the Pokemon fainted.


Ranks by number of basic potions it would take to heal plus 5 for each time the Pokemon feinted and would need a revive.


Lookup any Pokemon you are interested in. Find out what their best move-sets are on both attack and defense. Discover which Pokemon you should avoid and how to beat this Pokemon on attack.