My raid results don’t make sense because:

My lower level Pokemon comes out ahead of my higher level Pokemon that’s the same type of Pokemon with the same move sets and similar IVs!

  • Results can vary, but sometimes a lower level can end up beating a boss faster because lower level Pokemon take more damage from attacks and are able to get off more charge moves. This is more pronounced with big moves like Solar Beam where getting off 2 Solar Beams is much better than 1 even with a lower level Pokemon. 

I get different results each time:

  • Pokebattler uses Monte Carlo simulations in raids, and multiple types of simulations in our battle simulations. Simulations are random and can have different results because Pokemon attacks are random, and have different results. Attempts are made to make results as consistent as possible between updates of the underlying algorithm. Read more about our simulations here. 
  • We use different levels of Monte Carlo sims in different parts of the site because the higher level ones are very taxing on our servers. So for example, your big list of raid counters uses bronze level sims, but when you click on them and drill down, they use gold level, so your results may differ. We plan to eliminate some of the mostly unused options and simplify the site so that we can keep results more consistent and accurate across the board.

The results just don’t make sense.

  • Try doing a few more simulations. Make sure you are using Monte Carlo simulations, look for the HD icon. It is also possible you are running into some weird breakpoints. If you sign up for our premium features through our Patreon, you will get more accurate and consistent results. We offer these at a premium as they add significant server costs.