While I understand that when powering up past level 30, the DPS of your Pokemon doesn’t increase substantially, there has been discussion what are the various sweet-spot levels to power up to.

While all these depends on both the defender types, their levels and their IVs, plus your own attacker, I just want to share a list of the common attacker quick moves whereby it will be doing its max damage per hit at that level based on the toughest defender we are facing now, using a level 39 Blissey (with 15 defense IV) as the reference. This is also assuming that your attacker has 15 attack IV.

 PokemonQuick MovesMax DamageLevel Needed
DragoniteDragon Breath530.5
DragoniteDragon Tail1130.5
ExeggutorExtrasensory/Zen Headbutt829.5
GyaradosBite/Dragon Breath435
GyaradosDragon Tail828.5
FlareonFire Spin1034
EspeonZen Headbutt931.5
AlakazamPsycho Cut423.5
VaporeonWater Gun317.5

Thus for Machamp’s counter, it is good to power him up to at least level 31.5 to maximise his quick move damage against the level 39 perfect Blissey. Dragonite’s Dragon Breath is slightly less with only level 30.5, but pretty substantial since 1 damage increase for a 0.5 sec move does improve DPS more.

Tyranitar’s Bite requires quite a high level at 36.5 to maximise the damage to 5 per hit.

One interesting finding is on Vaporeon’s water gun. It is capped at 3 damage per hit on the Blissey at a very low level of just 17.5. While I don’t advise to just cap it at level 17.5 when facing a level 39 Blissey, this also means that you will not see any significant DPS improvement from level 30 to level 39 on the Vaporeon against the level 39 Blissey. Thus time-out danger is still significant even on a level 39 Vaporeon versus a level 39 Blissey.

Hope this helps :).

PS, u can use Pokebattler to check based on your own attacker’s individual values to find out at what level the cap is to maximize the quick move damage.