Pokebattler rankings are the most advanced around! No other site lets you change your settings and compare every Pokemon under different constraints. Customization options include:


Choose whether you are attacking or defending. Attacker shows the results versus all possible defenders. Defender shows the results versus the best 6 possible attackers. 


You may choose to sort your rankings with the following options:

  • Power – A percent that represents how many times a Pokemon would kill another. 250% means it would kill it 2 times and then die halfway through the 3rd attempt. 75% means it died after only doing 75% of the targets health.
  • Time to Win – Shows the amount of time it would take for the Pokemon to win. 2 seconds is added for each time the Pokemon fainted.
  • Win % –Ranks by percentage chance to win.
  • DPS – Ranks by damage per second
  • Potions –Ranks by number of basic potions it would take to heal plus 5 for each time the Pokemon feinted and would need a revive.


Choose the level of the attacker and defender Pokemon.

Grouped vs. Single

Different movesets can make a huge difference against raid bosses. So Pokebattler offers two different sort options: grouped and single. Grouped shows just one type of each of the top Pokemon, and shows their top movesets. Single shows every single top Pokemon by moveset.  It’s designed to allow you to click between the two easily to analyze your options. If you just want a general idea of what Pokemon to use,  use grouped. If you want to know which exact ones are the best per moveset, use single. Single makes your search results much longer and more extensive.  

Choose your Strategies 

See Attack Strategies and Dodge Strategies


The best move combinations for each Pokemon are shown. Clicking on a Pokemon will give detailed information about all the move combinations.