Attack Strategies

For raids and gym battle simulations, Pokebattler offers many different attack strategies depending on your playing style. The most popular for raid battles is no dodging, as dodging tends to make the clock run out too fast, and between bugs and lag, often doesn’t work anyways. Here are the definitions for each attack strategy: 

  • No Dodging – Use your fast attacks as quick as possible until you can unleash your charge attack
  • Only Fast Moves – Use your fast moves as quick as possible. 
  • Dodge Specials – Use fast attacks until you can dodge their special, then use your charge attack.
  • Dodge Specials PRO – Use fast and charge moves as soon as you can, but dodge their charge attack.
  • Dodge All – Use fast attacks and dodge their moves until you can dodge their charge attack, then use your charge attack.
  • Dodge All PRO – Use fast attacks and charge attacks in between dodging all their moves.
  • Dodge All Weave –This is the scaredy cat of pokebattler dodge simulations. Dodge All Weave will always assume the worst. It’ll always assume the move will come at the shortest possible delay — technically speaking it always assumes a “Defender Delay” of 1.5s. It wants to guarantee it can dodge the next attack. It is something that can be reproduced by real humans playing the game.