About Us

This site was created by Celandro (aka Ryan Barker) in July 2016 with the help of some of his coworkers. Ryan’s wife, Shelley Barker, is also providing some much-appreciated help on this labor of love.

This calculation engine for this site is open sourced and backs this free to all battle simulator site. Funding for this site is currently coming from Ryan’s pocket, and a small amount of ad revenue, until such a time as his wife gets upset with him for spending too much money on this site.

Special thanks to all the redditors who did research along the way including /u/homu, /u/Qmike,/u/pulsivesilver, /u/dondon151, /u/PEEFsmash, /u/hilmmas, /u/doublefelix921, /u/the_desert_rain, https://pokemongo.gamepress.gg, /r/pokemongodev and /r/thesilphroad.

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