Today we take a look at my first Remix Cup Battles in Pokémon GO Battle League! Using the familiar back line of Alolan Ninetales and Mandibuzz with a Strong Politoed Lead, this Remix Cup Team helped me climb over 2700 Rating in GO Battle League!
#GOBattleLeague #RemixCup #PokemonGO

0:00 Intro
0:58 Lead vs Jellicent
3:45 Lead vs Whiscash
5:02 Lead vs Deoxys Defense
7:21 Lead vs Wigglytuff
10:14 Lead vs Mandibuzz
13:41 Lead vs Wigglytuff
16:23 Lead vs Bastiodon
19:26 Lead vs Whiscash
22:36 Lead vs Alolan Ninetales
25:44 Lead vs Bastiodon
28:15 Lead vs Jellicent
30:35 Outro

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