There never seems to be enough stardust is there? While everyone likes to have that level 40 specialized attacker, sometimes we must power up those that will help us over and over again (No I in Team right?). After reviewing “The best generalists for each weather (including unreleased Gen3 Pokémon)” The best generalists for each weather (including unreleased Gen3 Pokémon), the question arose, who is actually the best generalist and who are going to be my most valuable players. Hopefully, this article helps you on your journey to be a Master. Good luck Trainers!

You can judge by simply reviewing the table who is likely the best generalist, but whenPokémon are listed that have different movesets, that is when it gets more confusing. I do not consider aPokémon with different moves to be the same fighter, since it would require the use of multiple TMs and would be highly impractical. With this in mind, the table listed below has been setup to distinguish those from each other. In addition, any Pokémon with movesets like “Kyogre WF/Bz or WF/HP” was altered to only have the single WF/HP moveset because its occurrence was repeated. Similarly, those that had “any” as a moveset were combined with another. For example, Mewtwo Any/SB was combined into Mewtwo Co/SB with the thought that if “any” will do, then make it Co and have a better generalist.

In order to determine which Pokémon was the best generalist, a point value was assigned for each level of ranking and for each occurrence. A ranking of #1 resulted in a value of 10 points being assigned. This was reduced as a Pokémon fell in rankings. A ranking of #2 became worth 9 points, a ranking of #3 became worth 8 points and so on until a ranking of #10 became worth 1 point.  Then by totaling a Pokemon’s points, it is easier to determine who will offer the most versatility and hopefully assist in determining who is worthy of that precious stardust.

Raid Attacker Analysis

Detailed tables used for generating this analysis can be found in this Google sheet

Raid Score

Here in the “Raid Score” table Rayquaza is the clear winner at 71 points while Salamence trails at 58 points.

Rayquaza DT/OR301816700000071
Salamence DT/DM09241465000058
Dragonite DT/OR00814125430046
Kyogre WF/HP10000125402134
Mewtwo Co/SB0180760000031
Latios DB/DC000065462023
Entei FS/OH090000434121
Moltres FS/OH1000000032217
Raikou TS/WC090000002112
Mewtwo any/HB1000000000010
Mewtwo Co/FB1000000000010
Machamp Co/DP09000000009
Groudon Ms/SB00800000008
Tyranitar Bi/Cr00800000008
Jirachi Co/DD00070000007
Mewtwo Co/Ps00070000007
Groudon DT/SB00000500016
Hariyama Co/DP00006000006
Tyranitar Bi/SE00000500005
Zapdos CB/Tb00000500005
Flareon FS/OH00000040004
Gengar Hx/SB00000040004
Ho-Oh SW/FB00000040004
Latias DB/DC00000040004
Breloom Co/DP00000003003
Espeon Co/FS00000003003
Gyarados WF/HP00000003003
Blaziken Co/FB00000000202
Lugia ES/SA00000000202
Blaziken FS/OH00000000011
Heracross Co/CC00000000011


A similar pattern is repeated in the “DPS” Table. Rayquaza comes in first at 69 points and Salamence trails at 59.

Rayquaza DT/OR309161400000069
Salamence DT/DM027814010000059
Mewtwo Co/SB10016060400036
Dragonite DT/OR0082100400235
Moltres FS/OH10000120400228
Gengar Hx/SB0900010060025
Kyogre WF/HP1000000060016
Latios DB/DC000060800115
Breloom Co/DP1000000000111
Mewtwo any/HB1000000000010
Alakazam Co/SB00006000219
Flareon FS/OH09000000009
Machamp Co/DP09000000009
Raikou TS/WC09000000009
Entei FS/OH00800000008
Jirachi Co/DD00006000208
Mewtwo Co/FB00800000008
Mewtwo Co/Ps00070000007
Blaziken Co/FB00006000006
Blaziken FS/OH00006000006
Alakazam Co/FS00000500005
Banette SC/SB00000500005
Jynx FB/Av00000500005
Zapdos CB/Tb00000500005
Espeon Co/FS00000040004
Hariyama Co/DP00000040004
Tyranitar Bi/Cr00000040004
Groudon DT/SB00000003003
Groudon Ms/SB00000003003
Gyarados WF/HP00000003003
Houndoom Sn/FP00000003003
Absol Sn/DP00000000202
Charizard FS/OH00000000202
Heracross Co/CC00000000202
Jolteon TS/Tb00000000202
Tyranitar Bi/SE00000000202
Pinsir BB/XS00000000011


Looking at the “Overall” table Rayquaza remains #1 at 56 points, but Kyogre is right behind him at 55 points.

Rayquaza DT/OR1001614120400056
Kyogre WF/HP20916700030055
Dragonite DT/OR09014610430046
Mewtwo Co/SB1098760000040
Salamence DT/DM0080610460135
Entei FS/OH1000000406121
Groudon DT/SB000005492121
Blissey £/HB1000000030316
Ho-Oh SW/FB008005000114
Snorlax Li/HB000700400011
Jirachi Co/DD090000000110
Mewtwo Co/FB1000000000010
Groudon Ms/SB609000000009
Lugia ES/SA00070000209
Mewtwo any/HB09000000009
Raikou TS/WC09000000009
Tyranitar Bi/Cr09000000009
Moltres FS/OH00800000008
Gyarados WF/HP00006000006
Machamp Co/DP00006000006
Mewtwo Co/Ps00006000006
Latios DB/DC00000500005
Tyranitar Bi/SE00000500005
Hariyama Co/DP00000040004
Zapdos CB/Tb00000040004
Ho-Oh ES/BB00000000202
Latios DB/SB00000000202
Vaporeon WG/HP00000000202

TDO (Total Damage Output)

However, with the “TDO” table, our three table winner, Rayquaza, falls to #21 with only 3 points, while Blissy leads at 80 points and Lugia next at 70 points.

Blissey £/HB8000000000080
Lugia ES/SA05416000000070
Snorlax Li/HB09247610000056
Kyogre WF/HP0902160800044
Ho-Oh SW/FB0080185800039
Groudon DT/SB0000654120027
Entei FS/OH000700404116
Mewtwo Co/SB00000503019
Groudon Ms/SB00800000008
Ho-Oh ES/BB00800000008
Regirock RT/SE00070000018
Dragonite DT/OR00070000007
Jirachi Co/DD00000040217
Raikou TS/WC00006000006
Tyranitar Bi/Cr00006000006
Regice FB/Bz00000500005
Slaking Y/HB00000500005
Slaking Y/PR00000500005
Vaporeon WG/HP00000040004
Moltres FS/OH00000003003
Rayquaza DT/OR00000003003
Regirock RT/FB00000003003
Mewtwo Co/FB00000000202
Mewtwo Co/Ps00000000202
Milotic WF/Su00000000202
Tyranitar Bi/FB00000000202
Tyranitar Bi/SE00000000202
Aggron IT/HS00000000011
Lati@s DB/DC00000000011
Mewtwo any/HB00000000011
Regirock RT/ZC00000000011


With this information, it becomes easy to identify who provides the most benefit by taking this data one step farther and by summing up all the points to see across all four tables. Rayquaza leads with 199 points and Salamance trails at 152 points.

NameSum of Total
Rayquaza DT/OR199
Salamence DT/DM152
Kyogre WF/HP149
Dragonite DT/OR134
Mewtwo Co/SB116
Blissey £/HB96
Lugia ES/SA81
Snorlax Li/HB67
Entei FS/OH66
Ho-Oh SW/FB57
Groudon DT/SB57
Moltres FS/OH56
Latios DB/DC43
Raikou TS/WC36
Jirachi Co/DD32
Mewtwo Co/FB30
Mewtwo any/HB30
Gengar Hx/SB29
Tyranitar Bi/Cr27
Machamp Co/DP24
Mewtwo Co/Ps22
Groudon Ms/SB19
Zapdos CB/Tb14
Tyranitar Bi/SE14
Hariyama Co/DP14
Breloom Co/DP14
Flareon FS/OH13
Gyarados WF/HP12
Ho-Oh ES/BB10
Groudon Ms/SB69
Alakazam Co/SB9
Regirock RT/SE8
Blaziken Co/FB8
Espeon Co/FS7
Blaziken FS/OH7
Vaporeon WG/HP6
Slaking Y/PR5
Slaking Y/HB5
Regice FB/Bz5
Jynx FB/Av5
Banette SC/SB5
Alakazam Co/FS5
Latias DB/DC4
Regirock RT/FB3
Houndoom Sn/FP3
Heracross Co/CC3
Tyranitar Bi/FB2
Milotic WF/Su2
Latios DB/SB2
Jolteon TS/Tb2
Charizard FS/OH2
Absol Sn/DP2
Regirock RT/ZC1
Pinsir BB/XS1
Lati@s DB/DC1
Aggron IT/HS1


So there you have it. Rayquaza repeatedly comes up as the go to MVP. Hopefully, you have a lot of Rayquaza candies left over and can power him up to aid you in the future raids. Aside from learning that Rayquaza is the MVP, we can recognize easily that the legendaries are that for a reason. When in doubt on who to power up, select a legendary. Once you have a good solid team, then you can begin to specialize. Until then, a good well rounded team will help you get that damage bonus and extra balls more often.