Here’s the spreadsheet.

TL;DR: Fill in Target Input and get the results in RBE and RDPS list. Sort by Total Eff (best).

TL;DR and too lazy to fill in: the sheet Prestiger Values already has rankings against the most common defenders.

TL;DR and too lazy even to open the spreadsheet: Tangela, Ivysaur, Machamp, Parasect, Raichu, Cloyster, Magcargo.


  • Fill in the Target Input sheet with the defender species and moveset. If you want a ranking of prestigers against a generic (typeless) defender, put None in all three boxes.
  • Put the percentage of fast moves you dodge and the percentage of special moves you dodge, in both cases “neutral matchup” and “SE or NVE” (to account for the fact that the “Super Effective” bubble delays the special move announcement until it’s too late to dodge it).
  • Choose your trainer level and the maximum CP of your prestiging team. Leave trainer level at 28.5 if you don’t plan to power up prestigers beyond level 30.
  • “Response Time” is the time your brain needs to realize that the defender is using a charge move and therefore to stop attacking and prepare to dodge. The default setting is 0.7, don’t change it unless you know that you’re getting weird results due to that setting.
  • Go to RBE and RDPS list and sort by “RBE%” if you want reliable prestigers i.e. if you are low on revives (TL;DR: use Chansey/Blissey), sort by “RDPS%” if you want fast prestigers i.e. if you want to save time and purple/orange potions (TL;DR: use Haunter/Gengar and Kadabra/Alakazam), sort by “Total Eff (Best)” if you want a good trade-off between time and revives (that’s what I mainly use).
  • The “FAST btw. DODGES” column tells you how many fast moves can fit between two consecutive defender’s moves (after the first two) in case dodging mode is enabled (at least 50% in DODGE FAST MOVES in the “Target Input” sheet).
  • The new column “DODGE FAST MOVES?” tells you whether dodging all moves is better than dodging only specials when looking at overall efficiency. If YES, the additional battle effectiveness gained is more than the DPS lost while dodging (i.e. you save more revives than you spend extra minutes). If NO, the little battle effectiveness gained is not enough to compensate the DPS lost while dodging (i.e. dodging makes you spend too many minutes in comparison to the few revives gained).
  • The “Blissey score” is something like “Total Eff” but more weighted towards RDPS and with a minimum RDPS requirement. Use it when you want to know the best prestigers/attackers against Blissey.
  • You can keep a table of your own actual prestigers in the My prestigers sheet, where you can currently see my 146 prestigers. Only replace the cells with red text on yellow background (“D+S-2A” is the IV difference1). Everything else will be filled up automatically. DPS class: Low letters (e.g. A-E) = high DPS. High letters (e.g. M-V) = bad DPS. Battle capacity: the higher, the better. It’s the same unit as used in the Prestige Optimizer.
  • You can choose whether to input the “SET #” or the prestiger name and moves. The other field(s) get completed automatically.
  • Here you can sort alphabetically by “DPS class” for speed, you can sort by decreasing “Battle capacity” for resilience and you can sort by “CP efficiency” for a total trade-off between speed and reliability.
  • Attacking an enemy gym: if you set “TRAINING CP” to 3000 or more and then sort the “RBE and RDPS list” table, you get a list of good attackers against a specific defender.
  • Prestiger ranking / tier list: I have run the spreadsheet against the most common defenders in my area with the dodge settings 0% (fast moves), 70% (specials with neutral matchup) and 30% (specials with SE or NVE) and I have weighed the results by how often (anecdotally) I see those defenders in one of the bottom 3 spots. The “Prestiger Values” sheet can be sorted by (total) Prestiger Value or by the column related to a particular defender.
  • NEW – Defender ranking (beta): A very simple ranking of defenders according to their stats and movesets (including how unexpected charge moves are). There are better rankings around, this is just for my own reference.

Finally, I have noticed that with all these new features it has become a bit slow. I don’t use it real-time when I see a gym, so it’s not a problem for me, however if it’s unbearable for you I can make a light version with simplified calculations. Those like me who use it more as a guideline to decide what prestigers you need and therefore which catches/nests/buddies to prioritize, will have no problem waiting for 20 seconds or so after inputting the target defender and CP range.

What is taken into account:

  • Movesets updated as of the February 21 change (“Make Water Gun Fast Again”).
  • Performance at a fixed CP (it’s what its spreadsheet is about) and therefore training against a generic defender (“None”) and a specific defender.
  • Max CP of prestigers: Shuckle could be a great prestiger, if its CP could go beyond 300. So I calculate the actual prestiging capabilities for the CP that prestigers can actually achieve. It’s self-evident if you set “TRAINING CP” as 3000.
  • Dodging fast moves: I calculated the (integer) number of fast moves that can be fit between the defender’s moves and therefore two sets of RBE and RDPS, one with and one without dodging. It only works if you set at least 50% on DODGE FAST MOVES (then you’ll see “YES” in the automatically calculated cell “DODGE MODE”). I assume the attacker/prestiger uses its own special move as soon as it’s charged, without waiting for the opponent to use its special. This is what Pokébattler calls “Dodge All PRO”.
  • NEW – Variable number of fast moves between dodges: After getting feedback from dodging experts (e.g. here), I included the possibility to weave a variable number of dodges between fast moves: e.g. a Tangela against Vaporeon might do VW-VW-dodge-VW-VW-VW-dodge-VW-VW-dodge-etc, alternating 2 and 3 Vine Whip between dodges. In the spreadsheet you’ll see “2 to 3” in the corresponding column.
  • Dodging special moves: the probability of dodging the defender’s charge move depends on whether you are dodging all moves, on the move’s forewarning (e.g. Stone Edge is harder to dodge than Hyper Beam) and on both the duration of your own charge move and on the time you spend “blocked” in the charge move.
  • Type effectiveness, including 1.56x and 0.64x when applicable.
  • Overcharge compensation for 1-bar charge moves, due to the fact that the energy bar can’t be charged more than 100 and therefore half a fast move on average gets wasted.
  • CP-dependent overkill calculation for one-bar and two-bar charge moves: I assume that half a bar gets lost on average, due to the prestiger fainting before using the charge move, or due to overkill when finishing off the defender, or due to just holding off the charge move to avoid overkill. Lower-CP settings cause a higher compensation because on a lower-CP battle this issue matters more. So you may be surprised by e.g. Play Rough and Dazzling Gleam being the best charge moves for a 950CP Pound Wigglytuff but being overtaken by Hyper Beam on a 1350CP Pound Wigglytuff.
  • The overkill calculation includes a moveset DPS penalty for not being tanky enough. Fainting with half a bar charged is worse on a Raticate than on a Chansey, because half a bar is a higher percentage of the battle with a “squishy” prestiger.

What is not supported: min/max RBE, min/max RDPS

Sorry but I had to remove the minimum and maximum RBE and RDPS depending on IVs. I consider IVs 7.5 (average) for prestigers and 12.5 (average egg quality) for attackers.

The “My Prestigers” sheet still does a rough calculation with IVs if you input D+S-2A between -30 and +30, increasing RDPS and reducing RBE if it’s negative (skewed towards Attack) and the other way round if it’s positive (skewed towards Defense/Stamina).

Make a copy!

Feedback is welcome, in particular from the expert dodgers (those of you who can reliably dodge all moves).

Credits to /u/vlfph who made the original CP efficiency calculator until v4.0. Mine is just a spin-off of his.

1 The difference between the sum of Defense and Stamina IVs (positive) and twice the Attack IV (negative) is this mysterious “D+S-2A” value which can be between -30 and +30. A -30 prestiger is faster than a +30 prestiger, but it faints earlier.

If you like my spreadsheets, I have also made:

  • A Prestige Optimizer (which requires no Gen2 update) to calculate the optimal CP range for prestigers in order to save time or revives, and to calculate how many minutes/revives it takes to tear down a rival gym.
  • A Ditto Calculator that ranks the best prestigers against Ditto (TL;DR: Wigglytuff with Pound / Hyper Beam).