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Capt Goldfish

Tapu Fini, the last of the Tapu. I haven’t seen much talk about it, but it don’t think it will get much play in PvP or PvE. It’s not shiny yet, so if you want to fill your dex, I suggest getting a raid in early. Prediction is it’s not the most exciting, but I could be wrong. I will likely hope to get one from GBL rewards, or join that random remote invite.

What to use? Water typing makes steel neutral, so leave metagross at home for a bit. Grass and electric are the heavier hitters, so choose your mega wisely. Gengar is a hard hitting mega, but Manectric or Venusaur might help the party more.

Go to the official counters page for a complete list, including shadows and megas to see how your Pokémon perform.