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Capt Goldfish

Mega Aerodactyl, it’s a rock throwing giant bird, and it’s a hard hitting pokemon. Do you need this thing? As with all megas, you will get that same type boost for raids, but this one is a very powerful rock type attacker on its own. It’s up to you how much it means, since mega candy gets used up fast, but you want a shiny too right? For PvP, you can’t mega in GBL, but it might be allowed in other places, and regular Aerodactyl has some use in great league, maybe you need candy for that shadow you wanted to build?

What do use to beat this thing? Community day mons shine again, we just saw some of these in December, Dialga and Zekram were just in raids, if you didn’t get one, there are people around who should have extra to trade you.

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