Pokebattler is hosting a a contest for five weeks for users who host or join Tier 5 or Mega raids from within the Pokebattler raid party app.

When: Every week starting Feb 20 through March 27th.

Where: World Wide

Contest rules: Hosting a FULL (at least four people) global T5 or Mega raid from within the Pokebattler raid party app will earn you 1 lottery entry. Maximum 1 entry per person per day. Raids should be kept open at least 2 minutes or until they are full. You will be automatically entered by joining or hosting and playing through the raid. No need to send proof.

Each week, we will give out 1 $100 prize, 2 $25 prizes to any users, and 5 Pokebattler pins to US users only (due to shipping costs), or 1 free month standard Pokebattler.com subscription.

One cash prize and one pin or free monthly subscription maximum per user.

Users who win cash will receive it via Paypal, and be notified using the email associated with their Pokebattler.com account.

Drawing will be done on live stream.

Get the link to download the app for free now at https://www.pokebattler.com/raidParty