race to rank 10 is gonna be a summary of my 5 daily gbl sets 🙂
hi! i’m ali, i’m 19, and when i’m not away at college i play pokemon go in nyc! i make videos sharing the strats i use to climb the ranks in pokemon go battle league 🙂 here are some qualifications: i competed in the silph arena north american continental championships in season 1 and my highest GBL season 1 ranking was 3rd in the world with a rating of 3177
now that i’m done flexing: i’m so excited to meet new people in the pvp community and provide entertaining commentary!
leave a comment or hit me up on twitter or instagram with any ideas for the channel or if you just wanna say hi!



live today 3pm est for 3 sets and viewer battles!
http://twitch.tv/aliluckey Posted on behalf of Ali Luckey