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Dialga Basics

Dialga stomps into raids as a top tier  attacker on March 1st with key qualities that make Dialga unlike the the existing Dragon heavyweights of Dragonite, Rayquaza and Salamence. Dialga has steel dual typing, meaning not only is it not weak to ANY of the typical Dragon weaknesses (that being, Fairy, Ice, and other Dragons) but Dialga can hit all 3 of them for super effective damage! In addition, it challenges Meteor Mash Metagross for best Steel type. This combined with some of the strongest damage output since Rayquaza, and better bulk for a generalist, makes Dialga a Pokemon you won’t want to miss out on!

Interactive Dialga Counters Guide

Dialga Movesets

Unlike the double weak Dragons we’re used to, Dialga has but two chinks in its armor, Fighting types and Groudon Ground types. Luckily none of his movesets hit either of these types super effectively. However, it hits like a monster, so keep those max revives and B teams ready!

  • Iron Head – Dialga’s easiest moveset to raid against, but not by much.
  • Thunder – Big boy Groudon steps up here. The alternative Ground counters get a significant buff to Survival here, but for pure damage Fighting types are still your best bet.
  • Draco Meteor – Hit’s VERY hard and is only resisted by Steel types. Let’s hope Niantic fixes the dodging bugs.

General Dialga Counters

Dialga takes 1.6x damage from

Dialga can be beaten by 3 players in optimal weather, with max friendship and perfect level 40 counters or by 5 unfriended players using level 20 counters from this guide. When caught, Dialga will be between 2217 and 2307 cp without a weather boost. In Windy or Snow weather, Dialga will be between 2771 and 2884 when caught.


  • Counter / 

    Dynamic Punch

Requires 3 players with level 35 Machamp

Old and true, your Machamp army is still your most reliable choice here. It has been an accessible raid boss for ages (although not at present) and is one of the most useful raid counters around. If you have the opportunity, snag a Machamp, or 2, or 6. You’ll get your use out of it. Don’t sweat it too hard if you get Close Combat instead of Dynamic Punch, that still puts it in the top 10 counters.

And if you are crazy enough to attempt the (barely even possible) Dialga duo, Machamp is your best bet.

 Hariyama and Breloom

  • Counter / 

    Dynamic Punch

Requires 3 players with level 35 Hariyama or Breloom
Your budget Machamps! If you missed the raid train, finding wild (and ideally, weather boosted) Makuhita and Shroomish are likely your fastest route to top tier counters. Requiring only 50 candy evolution of decently common pokemon, both of them are slightly more specialized than Machamp (Hariyama towards bulk, and Breloom towards damage) but their overall performance is just a hair lower in most circumstances.


  • Counter / 

    Close Combat

Requires 4 players with level 35 Lucario
If you have one of these bad boys It is more than just a pretty face! Not having Dynamic Punch holds it back, but his Steel duel typing gives it a hefty set of resistances, making it have better survivability than any of the aforementioned fighting types. Against Dragon movesets it leaps up into  the range of the other 3 however. That said, it is an incredibly expensive option, being only available as a rare hatch… as a baby… from 7k and 10k…at level 20. Followed by needing to acquire enough candy to power up and evolve it. Don’t sweat this one if you’re starting from scratch. While not optimal or affordable, Lucario stands out in popularity, so if you have invested the time in this bipedal bandit fox, it is more than acceptable as an option here.


  • Counter / 

    Dynamic Punch

Requires 4 players with level 35 Toxicroak
Another new recruit from gen 4 but quite a bit easier to get your hands on than a Lucario. Take care to not use one with poison moves which Dialga actively resists.

Groudon  with Sunny/Clear

  • Mud Shot / 


Requires 4 players with level 35 Groudon

If you are lucky enough to have snagged a Groudon recently you’re in luck, it is an excellent counter! While expensive to power up, Groudon will likely remain the best Ground type (baring Niantic exclusive moves).  Groudon comes in with the best bulk and overall damage output of anyone on this list, and its not even close. In Sunny Groudon’s terrifying stats leapfrog it ahead of all the alternatives in every category. Even if you live where the sun don’t shine Groudon is a great (albeit now inaccessible and expensive) option.

Alternative Fighting Types


  • Counter / 

    Close Combat

Requires 4 players with level 35 Heracross

Heracross has a lot going for it, respectable stats, a unique typing, challenging Breloom as the least “Fighting Type” looking Fighting Type. Sadly, this quaint Pokemon is region locked to South America. But if you have one-well, it’s isn’t optimal, but it at least makes the top 10. How often to you get to battle with a regional? Albeit one without Dynamic Punch.

Blaziken Vs.

  • Counter / 

    Focus Blast

Requires 4 players with level 35 Blaziken

Blaziken is an okay B tier counter in general, but(!) as good as the top guns when faced with Steel moves. This situationally gives it top tier survivability as a counter with his Steel resistances. Torchic are plenty common as well so its’s not the hardest bird to come by. That said, it also has a community day coming up sometime, so you might want to save your best one for an exclusive move.


  • Rock Smash / 

    Dynamic Punch

Requires 4 players with level 35 Poliwrath

A rarely acknowledged fighting type, Poliwrath is a lot more capable than it’s often given credit for. Water typing gives resistance to Steel (for some reason) complementing his already tanky stat distribution.

Fun fact: the spiral is supposed to be his organs viable through transparent skin, cool right?


  • Low Kick / 

    Close Combat

Requires 4 players with level 35 Gallade

It’s not great here, but like Lucario it’s is very popular and an acceptable choice!


  • Counter / 

    Cross Chop

Requires 4 players with level 35 Primeape

You might get some confused looks but it’s alright.


  • Psycho Cut / 

    Focus Blast

Requires 4 players with level 35 Mewtwo

Look if you have a Focus Blast Mewtwo you probably have better options.


  • Counter / 

    Close Combat

Requires 4 players with level 35 Ursaring

Tediursa are pretty common, although Ursaring is a ideally only a temporary patch until you get better Fighting options.

Alternative Ground Types

Mamoswine Rhyperior  and Rhydon

  •  / 


Requires 4 players with level 35 Rhyperior, Mamoswine or Rhydon

If you have been playing through Mamoswine day you hopefully snagged a couple of them. While more infamous as the new Ice type king, it’s also an amazing Ground type (which is to say, behind many Fighting types). If you wanted to save your Sinnoh stones, Rhyperior is just as strong an option-and if you didn’t, Rhydon is not too much worse either.


  • Counter / 


Requires 4 players with level 35 Donphan

Donphan was cursed by his moveset and defensive stats keeping it out of relevancy, but Niantic finally thrown it a bone here. With a Fighting/Ground moveset it performs similarly to Rhydon. We Have better Ground type options now, but if you love this pokemon, here it can perform admirable.


  • Mud Shot / 


Requires 4 players with level 35 Swampert

This Ground attacker may not do as well against Thunder as others-but if you love this pokemon it is usable here.

Closing Thoughts

Like many raids that have come before, a strong squad of Fighting types will lead you to victory While Dialga doesn’t quite topple Rayquaza and Metagross from their thrones, it does rise to their level. Dialga is somewhat notable in being a good dragon counter at lower levels where glassier options like Rayquaza can’t survive long enough to get two Outrage off before they faint. Powering up a Dialga makes sense if you don’t already have 6 maxed dragons or if you are looking for a bulkier option to prevent an extra rejoin. But overall, its not quite as good as it looks on paper.

Here’s to hoping Niantic delivers Roar of Time as a 3 bar move in some future Community day or buffs Draco Meteor ever so slightly.