Video Transcript:

The infamous raider Kieng and his two ultra friend trainers, Hundohunter, and Erasold managed to trio a Regirock with an army of max level, perfect and nearly perfect IV Kyogre, with a boost from the rain.    Let’s look at the simulations from to understand what an impressive feat this really is. Alright, to the sims.


Let’s start with the counters page for Regirock. This will give us a quick look at the difficulty level involved.  We see Kyogre is number one and we know our trio used all Kyogre so we’re just going to look at his stats. We’ve picked the easiest move, which is double fighting in this case. Kyogre with ultra friends in the rain is at 853.9s ttw. TTW stands for Time To Win and is the total combat time needed to defeat the boss without rejoining for a single player. You can divide this number by the number of players you have to see how much combat time you need for the whole group which in this case is 3 as this is a trio. This looks pretty good but unfortunately, we have 27 deaths so we will need to rejoin because without rejoining our trio of trainers only gets 18 Pokemon max. So we need to add 15s of rejoin time each per trainer, which is 45seconds to 853.9 which is 898.9. Woof. As we get a bit less than 900 seconds, or less than 300 seconds per trainer, that is too close for comfort. The estimate says 2.95, or just a bit less than 3 trainers needed, and that includes rejoining so it IS barely possible to trio according to that particular stat.

SIM 2 

Let’s switch to the raid simulator for a more accurate look. This does a full simulation of all six of your unique Pokemon and also can include the Pokemon of other trainers as well. This simulation results still use the same TTW and Power numbers as the rest of the site for easier comparison. Unfortunately, the sim does not currently support rejoining so we will have to adjust and figure out the totals.

And… Uh oh, 863s ttw on average but the deaths do drop to 23 deaths. So this more accurate estimate shows it’s actually harder than the counter’s estimate suggested.  With 15s rejoins, we need to add 45s, so that’s 908s which is too long since we only get a bit less than 900 seconds. But there is still hope! This is the result of 200 different sims averaged together. Some will be worse but some will be better! Let’s see if we can run a single sim and find a luckier result.


And we find one! As we see if we get a bit lucky, we can get down to 845s ttw with the same 23 deaths. Everyone will need to rejoin but with 15×3=45s for rejoins we win with a few seconds spare and 890s ttw. This is the general magic number you are looking ffor atrio of a tier 5 boss but it will take a trick to get 298s of usable combat time as you will see soon.

Now to the raid: 

We have Hundohunter center, Kieng on the left, Erasold on the right, all with perfect, or super near perfect and max level Kyogre.

The first thing we see here is they are doing a special trick using empty raid groups at rejoin.
Normally fights start at 298 or 297 and then the raid ends with 0-3s left on the timer,  298s and 2s, giving only 296s for most attempts.

But recently a trick was discovered.  Create an empty raid group and join the raid with it. This will error out when the raid is supposed to start. You then switch to your real raid group and then join at 302 or so get in with the full 300s instead of starting at 298 or 297 like you normally do. That extra 2 seconds makes a big deal! And that’s what they did here. Smart move guys.

Now we’re in the raid.

In general, we want to do 2 hydro pumps then die as soon as possible. Kyogre can survive 2 focus blasts but will die.  

As we can see, the attacks are synced. This helps waste energy from the boss. You will notice that focus blast tends to come after the hydro pumps hit. Those huge hydro pumps are hitting for 108 a piece and giving 54 energy to the boss. If we assume the boss is near full energy, coordinated hydro pumps are overfilling the boss energy bar by around 150 energy! This is why coordinated groups work so much better.

140 seconds

Erasold (the player on the right) dodges twice here at around 140.  This ends up not helping get a 3rd hydro pump off so those dodges probably cost 1 waterfall worth of damage.

111 seconds

Kieng (the player on the left) dies with near full energy bar and leaves early. Death was at 111, and he has 10 kyogre not 6! So he’s back in at 107 for a 8s rejoin! That is blazing fast people. Helps when you have a seemingly endless army of super strong Kyogre.

 Through our sims, we did find some examples where dodging specials would make you able to win without rejoins. We expect to see a no rejoin win in the upcoming weeks.

77 seconds

And Hundohunter and erasold rejoin and. Oh what is this, Hundohunter has 9 kyogres not 6 and is rejoining without needing to max revive. 77s to 67s only 10s to rejoin! Thats a nice dps boost!

64 seconds

And erasold is back with 64s on the clock, a 13s rejoin very fast as well but slower than the others as he actually revives 3 Kyogre. And they are almost in sync again with Hundohunter slightly behind the others. Erasold and Kieng use their specials and Regirock is dead with a hydro pump to spare! Looks like Erasold only needed 2 more Kyogre so he could have saved a teensy bit more time with that.

Amazing job guys.

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