Exciting news for our fellow Pokebattler fans going to Chicago this weekend! Pokebattler has teamed up with Replay Lincoln Park and Phoenix Creative Collective to host a Pokemon Go PvP Tournament using Pokebattler.com/pvp. We’ll have different brackets and prizes for different levels, You can win cash, merch, original Pokemon Go art and more!  Get location info and RSVP on Facebook for Saturday at: facebook.com/events/2070217 RSVP on Facebook for Sunday at:  Sunday so far as fewer people meaning more chances for prizes!!!

The infamous Celandro (Ryan Barker) will be there giving away exclusive Pokebattler enamel pins to all Pokebatlter.com Patreon subscribers! So make sure you stop by!

You can prepare early by creating a battle party ahead of time with your 6 best Pokemon – 2 legendaries max! Instructions below! Hope to see you there!