This article was previously published on March 15 under title “[Quick Analysis/Chart] Blast Burn Incineroar as a raid attacker”. where I only showed Fire-type charts and missed Incineroar as a Dark type. The article has now been edited and supersedes the original analysis.

Litten Community Day happened on Saturday, March 16. Any Incineroar (its final evolution) evolved between 2-10pm will learn its exclusive move, Blast Burn. Today, we’ll take a quick look at how it performs as a raid attacker, as both a Fire type (with its CD move) and Dark type (without its CD move).

Main Points

As a Dark-type raid attacker, Incineroar is probably better than you might have thought! I consider it Tier 2 among “regular” (i.e. non-shadow, non-mega) Dark/Ghost types; in other words, a great counter, even if not the best.

  • On average, it’s most comparable to Chandelure and Yveltal, while also in the same tier as Gholdengo and Shadow Gengar. On the other hand, it’s well behind top-tier regular counters like Hydreigon, Tyranitar, Giratina-O and Darkrai, not to mention the overpowered Shadow Tyranitar.
  • Despite Incineroar’s run-of-the-mill base attack of 214 (which usually doesn’t make a good raid attacker), its main advantage is in Darkest Lariat being a very good move — a Sky Attack clone in PvE — which is what most other dark attackers lack. Plus, it doesn’t even need Elite TMs or being evolved during Community Day!

As a Fire-type raid attacker, Incineroar with its Community Day move Blast Burn is capable of doing its job. However, it’s vastly outclassed by many other options, even those without expensive investments such as Darmanitan, Chandelure, CD Delphox and Blaze Kick Blaziken (not shown on the chart, but only a little bit below Blast Burn Blaziken).

I’m sure some players, mostly new and returning ones, may find high-level Incineroar(s) useful for filling their teams in both Dark/Ghost and Fire types, especially the former. However, I highly doubt that applies to most of those who have been serious in building raid counters.

My analyses of other types are in this spreadsheet. You can also follow me on Twitter (X) and Threads!


Dark and Ghost attackers ranked by their average in-raid performance, using ASE.
Fire attackers ranked by their average in-raid performance, using ASE.

Imgur Links and Additional Charts

General attacker charts: ASE and ASTTW*

* indicates additional charts that are not in the main post.