Congratulations to the winners!

The Pokebattler R19 contest was completed on the final day by a team from the PogoRaids Discord. 45 attempts were done by 7 different trainers, leading to the final successful attempt. No weather boosted moves were used for this successful raid.

Congrats to the team!

  • ConstableSlocum
  • KimberKunoichi
  • mostycool
  • RealDogemon
  • RickyOMG
  • RizLord
  • legSpinDrift (sorry you couldn’t be in the successful attempt)

Contest details

Pokebattler is proud to present our next contest – the R19 Contest! Where between 3 and 6 players must use exactly 18 Regigigas total to defeat one Regigigas raid boss.

The contest begins now and ends once Regigigas raids end on July 2nd. The 3-6 winners will each win this extremely stylish Regigigas T-shirt that will also be available on the Pokebattler store later this year (but the winners get early access).


  • No partly cloudy or cloudy weather
  • Exactly 18 Regigigas must be used across all players. This could be 3 players with 6 Regis or 6 players with 3 or any other combination that adds up to 18.
  • No relobby allowed
  • Screen recordings of all players must be submitted
  • Host player screen recording must include the weather
  • Videos to be uploaded unedited in a single google drive, share link to be emailed to [email protected]

First team to submit videos first wins! We must receive a video of each player of the raid and videos must show weather.

The image of the winning t-shirt

Early access No Robot tshirt! You can also pick a coffee cup or pay a bit extra for a hoodie if you like

This is going to be a very difficult contest to win due to the number of players involved but it is possible with 18 level 40 Regigigas, with either weather boosted Hidden Power OR Fighting type Hidden Power with Focus Blast with perfect dodging. Early raid joins, coordinated use of specials and a few XL Fighting type Hidden Power Regigigas will make the contest significantly easier.

Artist rendition of a successful victory

This contest is a skill-based competition hosted by Battler Empire LLC. Not valid where prohibited by law. You may only win one contest a year. Winning criteria to be judged by Battler Empire LLC only. In the case of a near-tie, the first set of contestants to share the google drive folder will win. Battler Empire LLC will not refund you any stardust or rare candies wasted on this contest. Battler Empire LLC. does not apologize for the terrible R19 joke reference to U18. Battler Empire LLC is not responsible for phantom damage turning victories into sorrowful losses, take that issue up with Niantic. Battler Empire LLC highly suggests 6 players and doing a pattern DODGE ALL strategy with coordinated Focus Blast use but what do we know, maybe dodge special is better. Battler Empire LLC is not responsible for any bad advice given in this section.