EDIT: We have winners! Updating with a new blog post now!

It’s time for another exciting Pokebattler Pokemon Go contest! The last one was quite popular so we thought this time we’d kick it up a notch. We had planned on doing a Kyogre contest, but then he was released early and screwed everything up. So this time we are announcing it super early, hoping that Niantic doesn’t make any big changes before releasing Rayquaza. Check out this video by Celandro Jr. or read on below for details!

Link to video 

Duoing Rayquaza

So per our raid guide results for Raquaza, he’s just barely duo-able if you have the right counters, and you’re pretty high-level. We expect people to be using armies of double ice Jynx to take him out. Jynx are high DPS glass cannons, so each trainer will need to rejoin two times most likely. You can see where we get our Jynx calculations from on our raid guide here.  There is also a possibility of Dragonite or Rayquaza itself in windy weather making the teams. We expect Snow and Windy weather to make this beatable with 6 non-powered squads of level 35 Jynx!  There is probably even time to use max revives and use just 1 team of 6 each with the weather boost. This contest could definitely be won by anyone lucky enough to get snowy weather on release day. For the hardcore players out there make sure to keep reading to the hardcore challenge, there’s something for you too!

How to Win

First 2 players to successfully send an email that follows these instructions and agrees to the rules:

  • Record yourselves being the first duo to beat Raquaza (with any move set)
  • Prove you aren’t spoofing by using AR during the catch, at least for a second. You don’t have to catch him using AR.
  • Provide both videos from both trainers from beginning to end including the Pokemon selection,  AR and catching. You don’t have to successfully catch him.
  • Then send us your proof to [email protected], ideally MP4 video in a google drive or dropbox.

By sending us your video you are giving us semi-exclusive permission to use the footage to post to our own channels with our own VO/analysis. No monetization will be turned on for these videos but they will feature Pokebattler of course. You may post it to your own personal channels. Outside of your personal channels, there is a one-week exclusive repost on other 3rd party websites. We will also link to any of your own channels/social media in our post to ensure you get your 5 minutes of Pogo fame  😀. You are encouraged to provide text commentary to add to the video description as well.

The Big Prize

Each trainer (there will be 2 of you of course) will win a one-year $20 per month Fanatic membership to Pokebattler.com (which will soon have even higher rewards including platinum-level monte carlo sims). In addition, each person will receive $50 if this is a world first kill. That’s right, cold, hard cash. Wind and Snowy weather will definitely make this easier so we expect this to be done possibly first day!

Hard Core Challenge

After the big prize has been won, we will continue to host a more difficult contest for our more hardcore players.  Additional rules for this contest is:

  • Must beat all 3 of Rayquaza’s special movesets (quick moves don’t matter),
  • No snow or wind bonus.
  • 6 videos, all with anti-spoofing video evidence
  • Exclusive posting rights for 24 hours unless you are a monetized youtube star.

That prize is two one year $10 per month Patreon level memberships to pokebattler.com (one for each trainer).

Contests are fun!

Pokebattler is planning other contests in the future. We know our current contests have been very oriented towards the toughest challenges but we have some ideas of contests anyone could win. Stay tuned.

As for Rayquaza, we won’t even try to guess when Rayquaza will be released this time, and there’s always a chance Niantic will change his stats. But assuming that doesn’t happen, our best suggestion to you is to work on that Jynx army and pray for snow. Even in Los Angeles.

Good luck!

Some Legal Stuff

No purchase necessary. Purchase does not enhance chance of winning. Void where prohibited. 1 year Pokebattler membership details subject to change without notice. Pokebattler.com is a sole proprietorship of Ryan Barker. All entries will be done by email, ties will be determined by email receive order. Time of contest is from now until June 30, 2018. Entrant must be old enough to win for their country. Winner will be notified within 2 days of email. Winner must allow us to post their video. Winner must not allow other 3rd parties to host the video for 7 days outside of the entrant’s own Youtube channel. Maximum liability if someone is silly enough to sue us is $100 cash prize plus free membership. This is a contest of skill, odds of winning determined by how good your Pokemon are.  Written correspondence may be sent to Pokebattler.com 5049 Pickford St. Los Angeles, CA 90019