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Interactive Kyogre Raid Guide

Kyogre Raid Guide with Weather

Kyogre has dropped (several days before we expected it to, eek!) so we are busting this out as quickly as possible. Kyogre is a very strong water Pokemon that dethrones Gyarados (who only got to hold the top spot for a short time with his recent waterfall move). In most cases, you’ll need at least 4 trainers with strong electrics to take it down. To use the infographic, you use the counters from the top normal section combined with the special sections for weather. None of the suggested weather counters beat out the first general counter Raikou. We know there are more gen 3 coming soon and additional legendaries but those are not included in this analysis as they aren’t available yet.


Kyogre is a tough Raid Pokemon with two main weaknesses: Electric and grass.

His quick move is always Waterfall which simplifies things nicely. But he does have 3 different types of charge moves:

  • Blizzard – by far the most difficult as it hits incredibly hard
  • Hydro Pump – a strong move but resisted by the best counters
  • Thunder – a generally weak move without stab

Kyogre is currently the strongest water type so you’re going to want at least a few double water combos in your lineup, so save those charge TMs to get Hydro Pump. Kyogre is head and shoulders ahead of the next best Gyarados and is the strongest water Pokemon we will see for awhile so you will want a good one

General Kyogre Counters

Best General Counters


All hail the strongest and most useful electric Pokemon in the game! He is the strongest counter for Kyogre by far and your very best use of stardust. Even your relatively low Raikou may beat out your other potential counters against every kind of charge attack Kyogre has. Check the raid guide and our new advice tool to see which of your Raikou are worth powering up!


Let’s hope you’ve managed to gather enough Treeko candy and make yourself a good Sceptile. Although you may assume that the strongest Sceptile would be double grass, you’d assume wrong. Fury Cutter is the surprising best choice for Sceptile in all weather conditions although his Bullet Seed is also decent especially in clear weather. He makes number two as he’s decent against all three charge moves, but he moves down to number six for Hydro Pump and Blizzard, making him a much less safe choice than Raikou. The key to Sceptile’s strength is the amazing 3 bar, 70 power Leaf Blade. Fury Cutter charges it up incredibly fast, letting you waste far less energy than our Solar Beam users below.

Good Counters

These counters have nothing on Raikou, but if you don’t have 6 strong Raikou (like me) then these are good options as well. If in doubt of what to use, pick something with Solar Beam.


Baby Raikou puts a decent show against Kyogre although he falls a bit down the list for Hydro Pump. I would not recommend using rare candy on Zapdos unless you are swimming in rare candy and don’t have any Raikou. Zapdos is hampered by poor attack moves.


Exeggutor is the second strongest grass Pokemon against Kyogre. The psychic quick move is preferred slightly, but double grass is what I would probably choose as it is almost as good and better in clear weather. He is much weaker against Blizzard. Solar Beam and Seed Bomb are both good options here with Solar Beam being a bit better.


Venusaur does well against electric and water but like its slightly stronger grass bro, Exegguto falls to the wayside under Blizzard.


I don’t know about you, but I have a ton of Groudon from holiday raids and I’m ready to use them! Groudon’s Mud Shot/Solar Beam combo continues to be the most useful combo, but his dragon quick move is also decent here. Although he is only sixth general at level 30, his Solar Beam gets stronger as he levels up, and moves up to third overall at level 40. He’s especially strong against electric, and weaker against water. Groudon is a very good choice for rare candy as Solar Beam is great in both raids and gym battles.

A reddtitor also pointed this out: Groudon’s Mud Shot gets a significant damage increase from 3 to 4 (33% damage increase) at level 31. I know many people tend to stop at 30, but for another 8 or so candy and ~10,000 stardust the simulations show an incredible position jump in terms of DPS. If you have a MS/SB Groudon for those Thunder Kyogre, consider another 2 power ups for this major breakpoint.

Best Counters vs. Blizzard


Ho-Oh is the number 2 counter against Blizzard! And that’s pretty much the only time he’s good, and that’s only with his psychic moves and Solar Beam.


Once again Mewtwo’s psychic and ghost combo is useful against Kyogre with Blizzard. It’s practically always his number one raid move set, so if you are wondering if you should TM your Mewtwo, this should give you your answer. Use a Groudon or Raikou or Machamp or Dragonite to clear gyms, Focus Blast just isn’t worth it and Psychic is a terrible move currently and there aren’t many uses for it.


Sometimes you gotta fight Kyogre with Kyogre. I think I’ve made that same joke multiple times now, but I can’t help myself. Anyways, once you happen to get a few good Kyogre, you can already start using them to get more Kyogre, if they have Blizzard that is. And that’s only if you can get them above level 36.5 which isn’t easy unless you have tons of candy at stardust at the ready, in which case, I envy you. But you also have to have Thunder which is a terrible move and you should have already TM’d him away. So why is Kyogre on this list? Because I don’t argue with my robot. Mr. Pokebattler says if you are silly enough to have a high level Thunder Kyogre, you can use it.  So there. Go use it, make a video, everyone will laugh. Then TM it to Hydro Pump. OK Thanks.

Best Counter vs. Water


So yeah, turns out Lotad, which evolves into Ludicolo, are pretty darn rare although they do pop up in the rain. I’ve managed to catch two in an area known for super rare spawns, but yeah, I doubt many of you have level 30 Ludicolo. But if you DO, and he’s double grass, then use him against Kyogre with Hydro Pump. But if you don’t, don’t worry ’bout it, he wasn’t that great anyhow, just looks cool.

Good Counter in Partly Cloudy


Partly cloudy boosts a Hyper Beam armed Mewtwo into the 6th best overall counter. I know I told you earlier to TM your Mewtwo to Shadow Ball, but if you have another Mewtwo with Hyper Beam, use him here! then when you get a charge TM, TM him. Hyper Beam is terrible.

Great Counter in Foggy


Foggy boosts ghost making Mewtwo with Shadow Ball into the number 2 counter after Raikou. Again, that psychic, ghost Mewtwo combo is super useful!

 Great Counter in Windy


Our good old generalist Dragonite pops up in Windy weather once again. As usual, double dragon is his most useful moveset here as Outrage is probably the 2nd best attack move after Shadow Ball. He’s the number two overall counter under Windy.  Dragonite may also very well show up as your best counters in other situations if you have a maxed out Dragonite but not any grass types. My 2 Dragonite are my go to Pokemon in this raid.

Good Counter in Windy


Windy boosts a double Psychic Mewtwo enough to make him decent against Kyogre but not as strong as Dragonite.

Good Counter in Clear


In clear weather, Ludicolo becomes a bit more useful against Kyogre. Use it if you can for the laughs.


In clear weather, he’s a well rounded decently strong counter against all three types of Kyogre charge moves.

Rainy Weather

Kyogre is a water pokemon and is boosted in the rain. This may be one of those weird situations where you hope for rainy weather when you’re out walking because you get a boosted Kyogre, saving so much stardust and candy. Hurray. Plus it makes his strongest counter, Raikou, even stronger! Double win! On the downside, rainy weather Kyogre is going to be a very tough fight. You will almost certainly need 2 battle parties for this one so try and catch some level 30-35 Eevee and grass Pokemon and evolve them regardless of ivs. They make a great second party/


The overall strongest counter is EVEN stronger here!


Baby Raikou gets bumped up to number two with the rainy boost.


Jolteon lovers had to scroll a long way to find it but here we are, Jolteon has a use again! The outclassed Eeveelution makes an appearence. Basically, you just want to electrocute the crud outta Kyogre when it’s raining.


His bug move again got a boost but he drops down in the rankings a tad due to an unboosted special move.


If you’ve managed to evolve and level up this guy, then you can make use of this relatively weak Gen 3 in rainy weather to electrocute Kyogre even MOAR.


No electric moves for Exeggutor so he ends up farther down the list but he still makes a decent general counter in rainy weather.





A few thoughts on Kyogre. Kyogre is going to shift the meta a bit. All those rock and fire pokemon who were good defenders before now wont be. Wait scratch that. There are no good rock and fire pokemon. Turns out Kyogre is just super strong and hits hard and there are no good grass or electric defenders so Kyogre makes #1 on the attacker list at level 40! Its even the fastest Blissey killer that doesn’t have a fighting move.

Make sure to get one as it will be the strongest water Pokemon for awhile and a strong contender for best gen 3 legendary.  If you thought Gyarados made Ninetales easy to solo, just wait till you see what this legendary does to Mr. Horseytails. Did I mention you really should give Kyogre Hydro Pump? There was some thought before that Blizzard would make Kyogre a good Dragon killer. Turns out thats not the case without a Dragon quick move to go along with it. No way to keep up with the full ice Articuno and other icy pokemon.  Of course don’t use Thunder its a terrible move as I said before. So thats water, water. Got it? Only you can put out forest fires.

Happy hunting! And for individualized results, check out our customizable raid guide where you can see far more detail and even enter your own Pokemon for your own personalized raid guide.

PS. I’d like to thank Niantic for releasing in the middle of a Friday while I was at work, making it impossible for me to update the site as fast as normal and for ruining my Friday night. Oh who am I kidding, I was going to work on Pokebattler regardless!