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Gen 3 has finally arrived and with it 2 new raid bosses so we threw together some counters for them.


Tier 2 so pretty easy to solo. He’s especially vulnerable to fire attacks so as long as you have some good fire guys, you’re good to go!


This Tier 4 boss is duo-able and vulnerable to fighting moves, so use your Machamp and, if you already have one (lucky bastard) your new Hariyama.

Generally speaking, Gen 3 has a few interesting new mons like a Hariyama,  Metalgross, and Salamence, but overall, we at Pokebattler are not super wowed. None of the new mons are the best at anything except Metagross for Steel, but Steel is currently pretty weak in general. There aren’t exactly any Tyranitar equivalents like with Gen 2 to lose our minds over.

The most exciting development is Gyarados’ new Waterfall quick attack, which you’re guaranteed to get if you use your TM on him, and makes him the strongest Water Pokemon in the game, taking Vaporeon’s crown and making him very useful. Better use those Pinap berries on your Magikarp catches!