UPDATE: We have a winner! https://articles.pokebattler.com/2017/12/06/ninetales-solo-contest-winner/

Attention trainers, the gauntlet has been thrown down!

Oddly enough, the relatively useless Pokemon known as Ninetales is THE hardest Tier 3 raid boss to solo. But we believe it IS possible. The first trainer to send us a video of themselves beating a Ninetales SOLO (must be solo) will win one year, or 12 months, of a free Pokebox membership at the $20 a month level. That’s right, for a whole year you could win:

  • Pokebox size of 1000
  • Gold level Monte Carlo simulation quality for your Pokebox. These are the results of 200 simulations averaged together.These results are the best currently available on Pokebattler and are very accurate.
  • Access to beta site where new releases are tested
  • Advertisement free experience. All ads are completely removed, improving performance on mobile devices in particular.

Is It Doable?

Yes! According to the world’s most accurate Pokemon Go Raid simulator at Pokebattler, if you’ve got some high level, high IV Golems, it is! (Or 6 Mewtwos, but we’re pretty sure that’s impossible right now).


You must send us your ORIGINAL video file as an MP4, unedited.  It must show the full Ninetales battle from beginning to end in a high-quality, legible format. You must be the exclusive owner of this video and it must be you playing in the battle as the trainer. *UPDATE: For you Youtube influencer/stars, ,we will host the videos EXCLUSIVELY on Pokebattler’s Youtube and article site for 48 hours. Meaning the timer starts after we’ve posted it on our channels. After that you may post it on your own channels but must mention the Pokebattler.com contest in the video via super and audio, and in the comments.

You can use free video capture software like DU Recorder for Android. Apparently, you can video capture on iPhone now with iOS 11 but I don’t know how it works. Send video files to [email protected]. It’s best to share via Dropbox or Google Drive.

We need the titles, IVs, movesets, and levels of all the Pokemon in the battle to be used for our analysis.

Videos not done in English may be translated.

It’s up to you if you want your real name displayed or some sort of handle. You will be asked to give a quote about your experience to add to the video and/or blog. We will share up to 3 of your social links or handles with the video post as well.

If your mons feint, you may re-enter the battle with new mons.

You are not required to catch the Ninetales but you must beat him.

By entering this contest, you give Pokebattler exclusive rights to post your video on our blog, any of our social channels including YouTube, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter, on any partner site or in advertisements we choose to run. The video will not be monetized through Youtube (aka no ads added to the video in Youtube).

If the original video has been found to be posted elsewhere before the 48 hour time limit,or it turns out you are not the sole owner of the video, your entry will become invalid.

No cheating will be tolerated.

The Pokebox membership winnings cannot be redeemed for cash value. Cash value of winnings is $0.00.