TL;DR: Exeggutor and Magmar are really easy to solo by exploiting their numerous weaknesses. Weezing is the hardest by far, but it can be tamed with a mix of Psychic glass cannons and sturdy Rhydon/Golem. Electabuzz and Muk are in between.

This is meant to be a guide for those players who are either mid-level (20-25) or rural or just not well-connected to a large raiding community and therefore don’t have many high-level legendaries or pseudo-legendaries or otherwise rare Pokémon to solo Tier 3 raids, but they should already be able to solo all or most Tier 2 raids.

For each level-2 raid boss I will first summarize stats and type weaknesses, then list the best attackers and the best “easily available” attackers (from what is usually common, or from nests), and finally some suggestions and a video.

Keep in mind that charge moves are much more important than fast moves (but still, having the right fast move doesn’t hurt) so I only list charge moves.

Raid bosses are listed in increasing order of difficulty, from the easiest (Exeggutor) to the hardest (Weezing).

General advice

Use my Choose Your Attackers spreadsheet or Pokébattler to check which attackers have a good DPS / Time To Win and which ones have a good TDO / Power. The main enemy is the clock, so Time To Win is more important than Power. In the spreadsheet, this is taken into account with the lopsided metric “Raid score” that gives more weight to DPS than to TDO.

If you time out without using all your 6 attackers, you need to increase DPS / decrease Time To Win.

If your team gets killed before time is up (and rejoining makes you time out), you need to increase TDO / Power even if you need to sacrifice up to 10% of your total DPS, in order to avoid wasting those 10-20 seconds needed to rejoin.

If rejoining is unavoidable, make sure good attackers get autoselected, either by replacing them in your first team choice, or by fainting bad autoselector choices.

Minimize lag by restarting the app before each raid and keeping your phone cool (Pokémon Go has a lot of bugs, and therefore it’s obviously vulnerable to Overheat).


Base Defense: 158. Weaknesses: Bug (double weakness!), Fire, Ice, Flying, Dark, Ghost, Poison. Punishing charge move (against Poison): Psychic.

Best Attackers:

RankAttackerCharge move
2MoltresOverheat (other moves are OK)
3EnteiOverheat (other moves are OK)
5ScytherX-Scissor / Bug Buzz (Aerial Ace is OK)
6DragoniteHurricane (Dragon moves are OK)
7LugiaSky Attack
9CharizardOverheat (other Fire/Flying moves are OK)
10FlareonOverheat (other moves are OK)
11MewtwoShadow Ball

Best “easily available” Attackers:

RankAttackerCharge move
2ScytherX-Scissor / Bug Buzz (Aerial Ace is OK)
3FlareonOverheat (other moves are OK)
4HoundoomFoul Play (other moves are OK)
5GengarShadow Ball (Sludge Bomb is OK)
6VenomothBug Buzz (Silver Wind is OK)
8SkarmorySky Attack (Brave Bird is OK)
9ButterfreeBug Buzz (Signal Beam is OK)

Against Exeggutor, timeout is never an issue. It can sometimes kill all 6 attackers, but there should be enough time to re-enter and win comfortably. Anyway the “Total Eff” / “Overall” metric against Exeggutor is better than a pure “DPS” / “Time To Win” approach.

Almost anything with Bug moves is excellent. Video of Exeggutor defeated with common/nesting Pokémon

If you happen to be low level but with a lot of level-20 legendaries, this other video is for you.


Base Defense: 169. Weaknesses: Water, Rock, Ground. No punishing charge moves.

Best Attackers:

RankAttackerCharge move
1VaporeonHydro Pump (other moves are OK)
2GolemStone Edge (other moves are OK)
3RhydonStone Edge (Earthquake is OK)
4DragoniteOutrage (other Dragon moves are OK)
5OmastarHydro Pump / Rock Slide (other moves are OK)
6GyaradosHydro Pump
7LugiaHydro Pump
8MewtwoShadow Ball (other moves are OK)
9KingdraHydro Pump
10FeraligatrHydro Pump
11TyranitarStone Edge

Best “easily available” Attackers:

RankAttackerCharge move
1VaporeonHydro Pump (other moves are OK)
2KinglerWater Pulse
3StarmieHydro Pump
4GolduckHydro Pump
5SudowoodoRock Slide (Stone Edge is OK)
6EspeonFuture Sight (other moves are OK)
7SeadraHydro Pump
8QwilfishAqua Tail
9OctilleryWater Pulse

Against Magmar, using Water and Rock attackers can never be much wrong. Since Water and Rock resist Fire, it’s very unlikely that the whole team faints. That makes up for the lack of a double weakness.

Video of Magmar defeated with less-than-optimal Water and Rock Pokémon (average level = 24)


Base Defense: 173. Weakness: Ground. No punishing charge moves.

Best Attackers:

RankAttackerCharge move
1RhydonEarthquake (Stone Edge is OK)
2GolemEarthquake (other moves are OK)
4MewtwoShadow Ball (other moves are OK)
5DragoniteOutrage (Dragon Claw/Pulse are OK)
6EnteiOverheat (other moves are OK)
7ExeggutorSolar Beam
8SandslashEarthquake (Bulldoze is OK)

Best “easily available” Attackers:

RankAttackerCharge move
1ExeggutorSolar Beam
4FlareonOverheat (other moves are OK)
5EspeonFuture Sight (other moves are OK)
7GravelerDig (other moves are OK)
9MarowakEarthquake (other moves are OK)

Electabuzz is in theory as easy as Magmar, in practice it only has one weakness (Ground) and Ground movesets are currently the worst among all 17 types with complete movesets (excluding Fairy which has no fast move).

So the strategy is to use a mix of Ground attackers (Rhydon and Golem are the best) and hard-hitting generalists, which deal neutral damage but with good DPS (e.g. Dragonite, Flareon, Espeon, Jynx). Exeggutor is particularly good because it hits hard and Grass resists Electric.

Video of Electabuzz defeated with less-than-optimal and/or underleveled Pokémon (average level = 24) on a laggy phone

Muk / Weezing

Base Defense: 184 (Muk), 221 (Weezing). Weaknesses: Psychic, Ground. Punishing charge moves: Dark Pulse (both), Shadow Ball (Weezing).

Best Attackers:

RankAttackerCharge move
2EspeonFuture Sight (other moves are OK)
3AlakazamFuture Sight
5LugiaFuture Sight
6DragoniteOutrage (Dragon Claw/Pulse are OK)
7MoltresOverheat (other moves are OK)
8EnteiOverheat (other moves are OK)
9RaikouWild Charge (Thunderbolt is OK)
11JynxPsyshock (Avalanche is OK)

Best “easily available” Attackers:

RankAttackerCharge move
1EspeonFuture Sight (other moves are OK)
2JynxPsyshock (Avalanche is OK)
4FlareonOverheat (other moves are OK)
5HoundoomFoul Play (other moves are OK)

Weezing, with a 221 Defense and 3 multi-bar charge moves, 2 of which are Super Effective against Psychic (including one of the most powerful moves in the game, Shadow Ball), is by far the hardest level-2 raid boss. If you fail Weezing, that doesn’t mean you can’t do the other 4 relatively easily.

Muk is not as hard (only 184 Defense, no Shadow Ball) but still quite nasty.

The strategy (the same for both) is to use a mix of Psychic and Ground attackers. Psychic glass cannons (e.g. Espeon, Alakazam, Jynx) provide DPS, while Ground tanks (e.g. Rhydon, Golem) provide durability. Strong generalists like Dragonite, Moltres, Entei, Flareon can also be used, and obviously tankier Psychics like Mewtwo and Lugia.

If you don’t have pseudo-legendaries or legendaries, Espeon/Jynx/Exeggutor/Alakazam/Flareon are fast enough to prevent timeout, provided one or two Rhydon/Golem are put at the end to tank charge moves. Ground/Rock types are harder to get than “disposable” glass cannons, however they conveniently double-resist Poison. By the way Golem is just 1km/candy as a buddy (and it’s anyway useful against legendary birds, including the upcoming Ho-Oh).

Video of Dark Pulse Weezing defeated with attackers with average level = 27 without using legendaries or pseudo-legendaries