Hello trainers & travellers!

The Team Cornebre strikes once again. Now we challenged our current Legendary Beast : Entei.

The selected Pokémon for the task: The Mighty Krabby!

The deal was the same as with Lugia: Only wild catches, no power-ups. Moreover, this time we did not use any TMs!

The result? Well, the title says it all! Enjoy the video below 😉

Technical Information

This time we were much more confident than against Lugia, since Entei has a much lower defense stat (176 vs 323, w/o IVs). Thus, even Vice Grip Krabbys received some love.

Also, we changed the way we looked into things to know if we were going to succeed or not. Instead of looking the amount of deaths and time to win in Pokebattler.com, we just checked the average damage needed for each Krabby, which gave us around 105 damage per Krabby. However, as we planned to rejoin the battle, we could calculate the damage using 12 Krabbys instead of 6, giving us an average of ~53 damage per little monster.

Of course, with the Battle Log function from Pokebattler, we were able to see that it was fairly easy to achieve this amount of damage, even with Vice Grip

See you soon! Thanks