Hello Fellow Travelers and Trainers!

In order to “celebrate” the end of legendary birds, we decided to set-up a fun challenge here in Grenoble, France.

The idea: Do a Lugia raid only with Murkrows!

As fellow travelers, we first headed to Pokebattler.com to check if it was possible to accomplish that. After some simulations, we found our best case scenario and the needed resources:

  • Lugia with Extrasensory / Future Sight
  • 120~ Murkrows at level 30 with Feint Attack and Foul Play/Dark Pulse.

At first, we thought that 20 trainers with 6 Murkrows would be just enough. But then we realized that at each Future Sight, 20 Murkrows would faint instead of the single one of simulations. Ideally, each Murkrow would have to send 2 charged attacks before fainting. By doing that, each Murkrow would do the equivalent damage of the simulations.

However, we were aware that it would not be possible to do that every time. Thus, we adapted!

Those who didn’t have 12 Murkrows to compose 2 teams were asked to revive and heal before re-entering the fight, as we knew we would have a bit of spare time to do that.

The result? It’s there in the video! Enjoy! The battle starts at 1:53.

More challenges like this one are coming 🙂

Thank you for watching!