This was inspired by this post to work as a follow up on my first post about looking ahead at the attack stats by Pokemon type for each generation as we go.

I will start with the current situation as we have it now and step through to cover each new generation as it would launch looking at just the Attack stat for each Pokemon. This is not a measure of DPS because movesets play a huge roll in that (as you will no doubt see). This also does not look into tankiness to suggest if one Pokemon could deal more damage by lasting longer, it’s just a look at the attack stat. Additionally, this is not looking at Legendaries because otherwise the chart would be almost exclusively legendaries where available.

Generations 1 & 2

Ursaring (236)Flareon (246)Machamp (234)Kingler (240)Dragonite (263)Exeggutor (233)Gengar (261)Jolteon (232)Rhydon (222)Alakazam (271)Tyranitar (251)Jynx (223)Pinsir (238)Dragonite (263)Gengar (261)Tyranitar (251)Scizor (236)Granbull (212)
Dodrio (223)Arcanine (227)Heracross (234)Gyarados (237)Gyarados (237)Victreebel (207)Haunter (223)Magneton (223)Donphan (214)Espeon (261)Rhydon (222)Sneasal (189)Scizor (236)Kingdra (194)Haunter (223)Houndoom (224)Magneton (223)Mr. Mime (192)
Tauros (198)Houndoom (224)Hitmonlee (224)Kabutops (220)Charizard (223)Vileplume (202)Victreebel (207)Ampharos (211)Golem (211)Exeggutor (233)Aerodactyl (221)Cloyster (186)Heracross (234)Dragonair (163)Gastly (186)Sneasal (189)Magnemite (165)Clefable (178)
Porygon2 (198)Charizard (223)Primeape (207)Starmie (210)Dodrio (223)Venusaur (198)Nidoking (204)Electabuzz (198)Dugtrio (205)Kadabra (232)Kabutops (220)Piloswine (181)Scyther (218)Dratini (119)Misdreavous (167)Murkrow (175)Forretress (161)Wigglytuff (156)
Stantler (192)Typhlosion (223)Hitmonchan (193)Omastar (207)Aerodactyl (221)Sunflora (185)Vileplume (202)Raichu (193)Nidoking (204)Jynx (223)Golem (211)Lapras (165)Venomoth (179)--Houndour (152)Skarmory (149)Togetic (140)
Snorlax (190)Rapidash (207)Poliwrath (182)Vaporeon (205)Scyther (218)Tangela (183)Venusaur (198)Electrode (176)Sandslash (182)Starmie (210)Omastar (207)Smoochum (153)Beedrill (169)--Umbreon (126)Steelix (148)Snubbull (137)
Fearow (182)Magmar (206)Machoke (177)Feraligatr (205)Crobat (194)Weepinbell (172)Crobat (194)Magnemite (165)Piloswine (181)Abra (195)Sudowoodo (167)Dewgong (139)Butterfree (167)----Azumarill (112)
Girafarig (182)Ponyta (170)Hitmontop (173)Octillery (197)Xatu (192)Bellossom (169)Muk (190)Lanturn (146)Nidoqueen (180)Mr. Mime (192)Graveler (164)Delibird (128)Parasect (165)----Clefairy (107)
Kangaskhan (181)Ninetales (169)Mankey (148)Kingdra (194)Fearow (182)Meganium (168)Gastly (186)Flaaffy (145)Graveler (164)Xatu (192)Omanyte (155)Swinub (90)Ariados (161)----Jigglypuff (80)
Farfetch'd (167)Charmeleon
/Quilava (158)
Machop (137)Golduck (191)Murkrow (175)Parasect (165)Arbok (185)Elekid (135)Pupitar (155)Girafarig (182)Magcargo
/Pupitar (155)
-Forretress (161)----Cleffa (75)

Attack Stats for Currently Available Pokemon

This is the current setup of Pokemon Go. A couple things you might notice:

  • Kingler has the highest attack stat of all Water types but is never in the conversation for best DPS. This is a perfect example of the role movesets play. Kingler’s best Water charge move is Water Pulse.
  • Gyarados is second on the flying list while not having a single flying type move – another important highlight of the flaws of this chart without considering movesets.
  • There are 5 types (Ice, Dragon, Ghost, Dark, Steel) that don’t even have 10 different Pokemon available.
  • This chart does not pay attention to tankiness at all so Pokemon like Abra and Gastly make it based on exceptionally high attack stats even though you would probably never try using them in a real fight/raid.
  • While it may not seem all that impressive, Azumarill received an ability in Gen 3 to double it’s physical attack stat. If its attack stat in Pokemon Go were to double, it would have 224 Attack, making it the current strongest Fairy type attacker.

Generation 3

Slaking (319)Flareon (246)Breloom (241)Sharpedo (243)Salamence (277)Breloom (241)Gengar (261)Jolteon (232)Rhydon (222)Alakazam (271)Tyranitar (251)Jynx (223)Pinsir (238)Salamence (277)Gengar (261)Tyranitar (251)Metagross (257)Gardevoir (237)
Ursaring (236)Blaziken (240)Blaziken (240)Kingler (240)Dragonite (263)Exeggutor (233)Haunter (223)Magneton (223)Donphan (214)Espeon (261)Rhydon (222)Sneasal (189)Scizor (236)Dragonite (263)Haunter (223)Absol (246)Scizor (236)Granbull (212)
Dodrio (223)Arcanine (227)Machamp (234)Gyarados (237)Gyarados (237)Sceptile (223)Victreebel (207)Manectric (215)Golem (211)Metagross (257)Armaldo (222)Cloyster (186)Heracross (234)Flygon (205)Banette (218)Sharpedo (243)Magneton (223)Mr. Mime (192)
Zangoose (222)Houndoom (224)Heracross (234)Crawdaunt (224)Charizard (223)Cacturne (221)Nidoking (204)Ampharos (211)Swampert (208)Gardevoir (237)Aerodactyl (221)Walrein (182)Armaldo (222)Kingdra (194)Gastly (186)Houndoom (224)Aggron (198)Clefable (178)
Tauros (198)Charizard (223)Hitmonlee (224)Kabutops (220)Dodrio (223)Victreebel (207)Vileplume (202)Electabuzz (198)Dugtrio (205)Exeggutor (233)Kabutops (220)Piloswine (181)Scyther (218)Shelgon (172)Misdreavous (167)Crawdaunt (224)Magnemite (165)Wigglytuff (156)
Porygon2 (198)Typhlosion (223)Hariyama (209)Gorebyss (211)Aerodactyl (221)Vileplume (202)Venusaur (198)Raichu (193)Flygon (205)Kadabra (232)Golem (211)Lapras (165)Ninjask (199)Dragonair (163)Shedinja (153)Cacturne (221)Forretress (161)Mawile (155)
Stantler (192)Rapidash (207)Primeape (207)Starmie (210)Scyther (218)Shiftry (200)Seviper (196)Electrode (176)Nidoking (204)Jynx (223)Omastar (207)Glalie (162)Masquerain (192)Altaria (141)Sableye (141)Shiftry (200)Lairon (158)Togetic (140)
Snorlax (190)Magmar (206)Hitmonchan (193)Swampert (208)Ninjask (199)Venusaur (198)Crobat (194)Plusle (167)Camerupt (194)Starmie (210)Aggron (198)Smoochum (153)Beautifly (189)Vibrava (134)Shuppet (138)Sneasal (189)Mawile (155)Snubbull (137)
Swellow (185)Camerupt (194)Poliwrath (182)Omastar (207)Crobat (194)Roselia (186)Muk (190)Magnemite (165)Sandslash (182)Abra (195)Lunatone (178)Dewgong (139)Venomoth (179)Bagon (134)Dusclops (124)Murkrow (175)Skarmory (149)Kirlia (117)

Gen 3 Attack Stats

This is what the setup will look like when Generation 3 is released. Some things to highlight:

  • Slaking has a ridiculously high attack stat (and has >300 stamina and >200 defense), in the original games this was accounted for by Slaking’s debilitating ability truant which only allowed Slaking to move every other turn. PoGo will need to do something to account for this to avoid Slaking becoming dominantly OP.
  • Blaziken (The fire starter) comes close to topping both the fire and fighting lists. Blaziken will be incredibly useful.
  • Not pictured but Medicham is a Fighting/Psychic type from gen 3 who’s ability doubled it’s Physical Attack. In Pogo, Medicham’s attack is 121. If that were to be doubled, Medicham would top the fighting list and place right between Gardevoir and Metagross on the Psychic list.
  • Sharpedo is the top water type (and will remain there) but is one of the most fragile glass cannons there is. That being said, Gorebyss will most likely become the highest dual water type Hydropump user as only Gyarados above learns it.
  • Salamence is more of a glass cannon version of Dragonite.
  • There is now much more diversity in Grass type attackers.
  • Metagross is the other Pseudo-Legendary alongside Salamence.
  • While Aggron is somewhat low on the attacking list, it has one of the highest defense stats and will top 3000CP.
  • Walrein is going to be a slightly less tanky but much harder hitting Lapras.
  • There are a ton of new Ghost and Dark types to provide variety in those fields.
  • Gardevoir is the new King (or Queen) of Fairies and we all hope it gets a fairy fast move!

Generation 4

Slaking (319)Magmortar (247)Breloom (241)Sharpedo (243)Salamence (277)Roserade (243)Gengar (261)Electivire (249)Garchomp (261)Alakazam (271)Rampardos (295)Mamoswine (247)Pinsir (238)Salamence (277)Gengar (261)Tyranitar (251)Metagross (257)Gardevoir (237)
Porygon-Z (264)Flareon (246)Blaziken (240)Kingler (240)Dragonite (263)Breloom (241)Roserade (243)Magnezone (238)Mamoswine (247)Espeon (261)Tyranitar (251)Weavile (243)Scizor (236)Dragonite (263)Haunter (223)Absol (246)Magnezone (238)Togekiss (225)
Ursaring (236)Blaziken (240)Gallade (237)Gyarados (237)Honchkrow (243)Exeggutor (233)Haunter (223)Jolteon (232)Rhyperior (241)Metagross (257)Rhyperior (241)Glaceon (238)Heracross (234)Garchomp (261)Banette (218)Sharpedo (243)Scizor (236)Granbull (212)
Staraptor (234)Arcanine (227)Lucario (236)Crawdaunt (224)Gyarados (237)Sceptile (223)Toxicroak (211)Luxray (232)Rhydon (222)Gardevoir (237)Rhydon (222)Jynx (223)Yanmega (231)Flygon (205)Mismagius (211)Honchkrow (243)Lucario (236)Mr. Mime (192)
Dodrio (223)Houndoom (224)Machamp (234)Floatzel (221)Staraptor (234)Cacturne (221)Victreebel (207)Magneton (223)Donphan (214)Gallade (237)Armaldo (222)Sneasal (189)Armaldo (222)Kingdra (194)Gastly (186)Weavile (243)Magneton (223)Clefable (178)
Zangoose (222)Charizard (223)Heracross (234)Kabutops (220)Yanmega (231)Leafeon (216)Nidoking (204)Manectric (215)Golem (211)Exeggutor (233)Aerodactyl (221)Cloyster (186)Scyther (218)Shelgon (172)Rotom (185)Houndoom (224)Empoleon (210)Wigglytuff (156)
Ambipom (205)Typhlosion (223)Hitmonlee (224)Gorebyss (211)Togekiss (225)Victreebel (207)Vileplume (202)Ampharos (211)Swampert (208)Kadabra (232)Kabutops (220)Walrein (182)Ninjask (199)Gabite (172)Drifblim (180)Crawdaunt (224)Aggron (198)Mawile (155)
Tauros (198)Infernape (222)Infernape (222)Starmie (210)Charizard (223)Tangrowth (207)Venusaur (198)Electabuzz (198)Dugtrio (205)Jynx (223)Cranidos (218)Piloswine (181)Masquerain (192)Dragonair (163)Dusknoir (180)Cacturne (221)Magnemite (165)Togetic (140)
Porygon2 (198)Rapidash (207)Toxicroak (211)Empoleon (210)Dodrio (223)Vileplume (202)Seviper (196)Raichu (193)Flygon (205)Starmie (210)Golem (211)Abomasnow (178)Beautifly (189)Altaria (141)Froslass (171)Shiftry (200)Forretress (161)Snubbull (137)
Stantler (192)Magmar (206)Hariyama (209)Swampert (208)Aerodactyl (221)Torterra (202)Crobat (194)Rotom (185)Nidoking (204)Abra (195)Omastar (207)Froslass (171)Mothim (185)Vibrava/Bagon (134)Spiritomb (169)Sneasal (189)Bronzong (161)Mime Jr (125)

Gen 4 Attack Stats

This is what the setup will look like when Generation 4 is released. Some things to highlight:

  • The first thing that you might notice is there is now a ton of very strong Pokemon for all types. Gen 4 will provide a huge boost to variety as well as some incredibly strong Pokemon.
  • Porygon-Z will likely become a very useful Pokemon (albeit one of the hardest to acquire).
  • All those Magmars and Electabuzz’s you have been catching will now evolve into the strongest Pokemon of their type and will remain top 10 through all generations.
  • In fact, a very large amount of older Pokemon now have new evolutions. Rhydon now gets even stronger (as if it needed it) and will top 3800CP. All of those Swinubs and Murkrows you have caught can now evolve into monster Pokemon in their respective types.
  • We will get two new Eeveelutions (Leafeon and Glaceon) who (in the games) evolve based on location. It will be interesting to see how their evolution is handled. Either way, both are very useful in their types (Grass and Ice)
  • Ground and Ice types finally get some very good attackers and there are three of them respectively!
  • Rampardos now tops all attack stats (minus Slaking and Legendaries) and is only inhibited by its frailness.
  • There are many new ghosts to play with including the very tanky Dusknoir who evolves from Gen 3’s Dusclops.
  • Togekiss is now the top CP fairy type reaching over 3000CP and coming in second for Fairy attackers.

Generation 5

Slaking (319)Chandelure (271)Mienshao (258)Sharpedo (243)Archeops (292)Roserade (243)Gengar (261)Electivire (249)Garchomp (261)Alakazam (271)Rampardos (295)Mamoswine (247)Volcarona (264)Haxorus (284)Chandelure (271)Hydreigon (256)Metagross (257)Gardevoir (237)
Porygon-Z (264)Volcarona (264)Conkeldurr (243)Kingler (240)Salamence (277)Breloom (241)Roserade (243)Magnezone (238)Excadrill (255)Espeon (261)Archeops (292)Weavile (243)Pinsir (238)Salamence (277)Gengar (261)Tyranitar (251)Excadrill (255)Togekiss (225)
Ursaring (236)Darmanitan (263)Breloom (240)Gyarados (237)Dragonite (263)Exeggutor (233)Haunter (223)Jolteon (232)Mamoswine (247)Metagross (257)Tyranitar (251)Glaceon (238)Scizor (236)Dragonite (263)Haunter (223)Zoroark (250)Magnezone (238)Granbull (212)
Staraptor (234)Magmortar (247)Blaziken (240)Crawdaunt (224)Honchkrow (243)Sceptile (223)Toxicroak (211)Luxray (232)Rhyperior (241)Gardevoir (237)Rhyperior (241)Beartic (233)Heracross (234)Garchomp (261)Golurk (222)Absol (246)Scizor (236)Mr. Mime (192)
Braviary (232)Flareon (246)Gallade (237)Floatzel (221)Gyarados (237)Cacturne (221)Victreebel (207)Magneton (223)Krookodile (229)Gallade (237)Gigalith (226)Jynx (223)Yanmega (231)Hydreigon (256)Banette (218)Sharpedo (243)Lucario (236)Clefable (178)
Unfezant (226)Blaziken (240)Lucario (236)Kabutops (220)Staraptor (234)Leafeon (216)Nidoking (204)Eelektross (217)Rhydon (222)Exeggutor (233)Rhydon (222)Vanilluxe (218)Escavalier (223)Druddigon (213)Mismagius (211)Honchkrow (243)Bisharp (232)Whimsicott (164)
Dodrio (223)Emboar (235)Emboar (235)Samurott (212)Braviary (232)Lilligant (214)Scolipede (203)Manectric (215)Golurk (222)Kadabra (232)Armaldo (222)Cryogonal (190)Armaldo (222)Fraxure (212)Gastly (186)Weavile (243)Magneton (223)Wigglytuff (156)
Zangoose (222)Arcanine (227)Machamp (234)Gorebyss (211)Yanmega (231)Victreebel (207)Vileplume (202)Ampharos (211)Donphan (214)Jynx (223)Aerodactyl (221)Sneasal (189)Accelgor (220)Flygon (205)Rotom (185)Bisharp (232)Escavalier (223)Mawile (155)
Soutland (206)Houndoom (224)Heracross (234)Starmie (210)Unfezant (226)Tangrowth (207)Venusaur (198)Zebstrika (211)Golem (211)Beheeyem (221)Kabutops (220)Cloyster (186)Scyther (218)Kingdra (194)Drifblim (180)Krookodile (229)Durant (217)Togetic (140)
Ambipom (205)Charizard
/Typhlosion (223)
Sawk (231)Empoleon (210)Togekiss (225)Simisage (206)Seviper (196)Galvantula (201)Swampert (208)Reuniclus (214)Cranidos (218)Walrein (182)Durant (217)Shelgon/Gabite (172)Dusknoir (180)Houndoom
/Crawdaunt (224)
Empoleon (210)Snubbull (137)

Gen 5 Attacker Stats

This is what the setup will look like when Generation 5 is released. Some things to highlight:

  • Fire and Fighting both get new leaders that will maintain their positions through the remaining generations.
  • Archeops has the second highest (non-Slaking) attack stat in the games, however Archeops had the ability defeatist which cut it’s stats when Archeops fell below half health.
  • There are two new exciting ground attackers in Excadrill and Krookodile that both have higher attack stats than any ground types currently.
  • Reuniclus may be at the bottom of the Psychic list but it also has a large amount of tank stats that should help it be relevant.
  • Two of the fire attackers (Volcarona and Chandelure) also top their other type lists (Bug and Ghost respectively). Both should be greatly important.
  • There are three new Dragons to play with including Hydreigon (the pseudo-legendary of Gen 5)! The 4th (Fraxure) is the middle stage of Haxorus.
  • Zoroark, our new 3rd best dark type attacker, has an interesting ability to allow it to appear as if it were a different Pokemon (thus causing opposing trainers to sometimes use incorrect moves against it). There is more to the ability than that but that is the quick overview of it.

Generation 6

Slaking (319)Chandelure (271)Mienshao (258)Sharpedo (243)Archeops (292)Roserade (243)Gengar (261)Electivire (249)Garchomp (261)Alakazam (271)Rampardos (295)Mamoswine (247)Volcarona (264)Haxorus (284)Aegislash (291??)Hydreigon (256)Aegislash (291??)Gardevoir (237)
Porygon-Z (264)Volcarona (264)Conkeldurr (243)Kingler (240)Salamence (277)Breloom (241)Roserade (243)Magnezone (238)Excadrill (255)Espeon (261)Archeops (292)Weavile (243)Pinsir (238)Salamence (277)Chandelure (271)Tyranitar (251)Metagross (257)Togekiss (225)
Ursaring (236)Darmanitan (263)Breloom (240)Gyarados (237)Dragonite (263)Exeggutor (233)Haunter (223)Jolteon (232)Mamoswine (247)Metagross (257)Tyranitar (251)Glaceon (238)Scizor (236)Dragonite (263)Gengar (261)Zoroark (250)Excadrill (255)Granbull (212)
Staraptor (234)Magmortar (247)Blaziken (240)Crawdaunt (224)Honchkrow (243)Sceptile (223)Toxicroak (211)Luxray (232)Rhyperior (241)Gardevoir (237)Rhyperior (241)Beartic (233)Heracross (234)Garchomp (261)Haunter (223)Absol (246)Magnezone (238)Florges (212)
Braviary (232)Flareon (246)Gallade (237)Greninja (223)Gyarados (237)Cacturne (221)Victreebel (207)Magneton (223)Krookodile (229)Gallade (237)Tyrantrum (227)Jynx (223)Yanmega (231)Hydreigon (256)Golurk (222)Sharpedo (243)Scizor (236)Sylveon (203)
Unfezant (226)Blaziken (240)Lucario (236)Floatzel (221)Staraptor (234)Leafeon (216)Nidoking (204)Heliolisk (219)Rhydon (222)Exeggutor (233)Gigalith (226)Vanilluxe (218)Escavalier (223)Tyrantrum (227)Banette (218)Honchkrow (243)Lucario (236)Mr. Mime (192)
Dodrio (223)Emboar (235)Emboar (235)Clawitzer (221)Braviary (232)Lilligant (214)Scolipede (203)Eelektross (217)Golurk (222)Kadabra (232)Rhydon (222)Avalugg (196)Armaldo (222)Goodra (220)Mismagius (211)Weavile (243)Bisharp (232)Clefable (178)
Zangoose (222)Delphox (230)Machamp (234)Kabutops (220)Yanmega (231)Victreebel (207)Vileplume (202)Manectric (215)Donphan (214)Delphox (230)Armaldo (222)Cryogonal (190)Accelgor (220)Druddigon (213)Trevenant (201)Bisharp (232)Magneton (223)Aromatisse (173)
Pyroar (221)Arcanine (227)Heracross (234)Samurott (212)Unfezant (226)Tangrowth (207)Venusaur (198)Ampharos (211)Golem (211)Jynx (223)Aerodactyl (221)Sneasal (189)Scyther (218)Fraxure (212)Doublade (188)Krookodile (229)Escavalier (223)Slurpluff (164)
Heliolisk (219)Houndoom (224)Sawk (231)Gorebyss (211)Togekiss (225)Simisage (206)Seviper (196)Zebstrika (211)Swampert (208)Beheeyem (221)Kabutops (220)Cloyster (186)Durant (217)Flygon
/Noivern (205)
Gastly (186)Pangoro (226)Durant (217)Whimsicott (164)

Gen 6 Attack Stats

This is what the setup will look like when Generation 6 is released. Some things to highlight:

  • There are really not as many chart toppers in this generation.
  • One of the first things that might stand out is the ?? by Aegislash. This is due to the nature of Aegislash’s ability. Aegislash is normally a very tanky and low attack stat Pokemon but has the ability to change forms and become a glass cannon type Pokemon when it attacks. I have no idea how this will be implemented so I added the ?? since it may not actually have that high of an attack stat.
  • Avalugg and Goodra (The pseudo of Gen 6) are not the highest in their respective lists but both have a huge amount of bulk that will undoubtedly make them very useful.
  • The main contribution from Gen 6 is the larger diversity of Fairy types including the very tanky Florges and a new Eeveelution, Sylveon which will be comparable to Vaporeon with slightly less tank.

Generation 7

Slaking (319)Chandelure (271)Mienshao (258)Sharpedo (243)Archeops (292)Roserade (243)Gengar (261)Vikavolt (254)Garchomp (261)Alakazam (271)Rampardos (295)Mamoswine (247)Volcarona (264)Haxorus (284)Aegislash (291??)Hydreigon (256)Aegislash (291??)Gardevoir (237)
Porygon-Z (264)Volcarona (264)Conkeldurr (243)Kingler (240)Salamence (277)Breloom (241)Roserade (243)Electivire (249)Excadrill (255)Espeon (261)Archeops (292)Weavile (243)Vikavolt (254)Salamence (277)Chandelure (271)Tyranitar (251)Metagross (257)Primarina (232)
Ursaring (236)Darmanitan (263)Breloom (240)Gyarados (237)Dragonite (263)Exeggutor (233)Salazzle (228)Magnezone (238)Mamoswine (247)Metagross (257)Tyranitar (251)Glaceon (238)Pinsir (238)Dragonite (263)Gengar (261)Zoroark (250)Excadrill (255)Togekiss (225)
Staraptor (234)Magmortar (247)Blaziken (240)Primarina (232)Honchkrow (243)Dhelmise (233)Haunter (223)Jolteon (232)Rhyperior (241)Gardevoir (237)Rhyperior (241)Beartic (233)Scizor (236)Garchomp (261)Dhelmise (233)Absol (246)Magnezone (238)Granbull (212)
Braviary (232)Flareon (246)Gallade (237)Crawdaunt (224)Gyarados (237)Sceptile (223)Toxicroak (211)Luxray (232)Krookodile (229)Gallade (237)Lycanroc (231)Crabominable (231)Heracross (234)Hydreigon (256)Haunter (223)Sharpedo (243)Scizor (236)Florges (212)
Drampa (231)Blaziken (240)Lucario (236)Greninja (223)Staraptor (234)Tsareena (222)Victreebel (207)Magneton (223)Rhydon (222)Exeggutor (233)Tyrantrum (227)Jynx (223)Yanmega (231)Drampa (231)Golurk (222)Honchkrow (243)Lucario (236)Sylveon (203)
Unfezant (226)Emboar (235)Emboar (235)Floatzel (221)Braviary (232)Cacturne (221)Nidoking (204)Heliolisk (219)Golurk (222)Kadabra (232)Gigalith (226)Vanilluxe (218)Escavalier (223)Tyrantrum (227)Banette (218)Weavile (243)Bisharp (232)Rimbombee (198)
Bewear (226)Delphox (230)Machamp (234)Clawitzer (221)Yanmega (231)Leafeon (216)Scolipede (203)Eelektross (217)Donphan (214)Delphox (230)Rhydon (222)Avalugg (196)Armaldo (222)Kommo-o (222)Mismagius (211)Bisharp (232)Magneton (223)Mr. Mime (192)
Dodrio (223)Salazzle (228)Heracross (234)Kabutops (220)Unfezant (226)Lilligant (214)Vileplume (202)Manectric (215)Mudsdale (214)Jynx (223)Armaldo (222)Cryogonal (190)Accelgor (220)Goodra (220)Decidueye (210)Krookodile (229)Escavalier (223)Clefable (178)
/Toucannon (222)
Arcanine (227)Sawk
/Crabominable (231)
Golisopod (218)Togekiss (225)Decidueye (210)Venusaur (198)Ampharos
/Zebstrika (211)
Golem (211)Beheeyem (221)Aerodactyl (221)Sneasal (189)Scyther
/Golisopod (218)
Druddigon (213)Trevenant (201)Pangoro (226)Durant (217)Mimikyu (177)

Gen 7 Attack Stats

The last Generation thus far, Generation 7 would be the end until more generations are released for the handheld games. Some things to highlight:

  • Drampa has a very unique typing of Normal/Dragon which may result in it fitting a few niche roles.
  • Bewear (another unique typing of Normal/Fighting) is very tanky and, in the handheld games, has an ability to cut damage from physical attacks in half, making it even tankier.
  • Primarina is the water starter in this gen and is one of the best Water and Fairy types on attack.
  • Dhelmise will be an interesting attacker. While it is Ghost/Grass, it also learns a fair amount of steel moves to supplement it’s large attack stat.
  • Salazzle’s gimmick in the handheld games was that is was a poison type that could poison other poison types and steel types, something no other Pokemon could do. Since status effects are not in PoGo, this may make Salazzle just a very squishy Fire/Poison attacker.
  • Vikavolt’s main drawback in the handheld games is it’s low speed. Since speed doesn’t really matter as much in PoGo, Vikavolt will probably be a dominant attack.
  • Mudsdale is a very strong, very tanky ground type which had an interesting ability where it raised it’s defense whenever it was attacked.
  • Kommo-o is this gen’s Pseudo however Kommo-o is more tank oriented which would work well if it did not have a double weakness to Fairy.
  • Speaking of Fairy, Mimikyu is another interesting case due to it’s ability. In the handhelds, Mimikyu’s ability allowed it to completely negate the first attack made against it and take no damage.

All Generations

Slaking (319)Chandelure (271)Mienshao (258)Sharpedo (243)Archeops (292)Roserade (243)Gengar (261)Vikavolt (254)Garchomp (261)Alakazam (271)Rampardos (295)Mamoswine (247)Volcarona (264)Haxorus (284)Aegislash (291??)Hydreigon (256)Aegislash (291??)Gardevoir (237)
Porygon-Z (264)Volcarona (264)Conkeldurr (243)Kingler (240)Salamence (277)Breloom (241)Roserade (243)Electivire (249)Excadrill (255)Espeon (261)Archeops (292)Weavile (243)Vikavolt (254)Salamence (277)Chandelure (271)Tyranitar (251)Metagross (257)Primarina (232)
Ursaring (236)Darmanitan (263)Breloom (240)Gyarados (237)Dragonite (263)Exeggutor (233)Salazzle (228)Magnezone (238)Mamoswine (247)Metagross (257)Tyranitar (251)Glaceon (238)Pinsir (238)Dragonite (263)Gengar (261)Zoroark (250)Excadrill (255)Togekiss (225)
Staraptor (234)Magmortar (247)Blaziken (240)Primarina (232)Honchkrow (243)Dhelmise (233)Haunter (223)Jolteon (232)Rhyperior (241)Gardevoir (237)Rhyperior (241)Beartic (233)Scizor (236)Garchomp (261)Dhelmise (233)Absol (246)Magnezone (238)Granbull (212)
Braviary (232)Flareon (246)Gallade (237)Crawdaunt (224)Gyarados (237)Sceptile (223)Toxicroak (211)Luxray (232)Krookodile (229)Gallade (237)Lycanroc (231)Crabominable (231)Heracross (234)Hydreigon (256)Haunter (223)Sharpedo (243)Scizor (236)Florges (212)
Drampa (231)Blaziken (240)Lucario (236)Greninja (223)Staraptor (234)Tsareena (222)Victreebel (207)Magneton (223)Rhydon (222)Exeggutor (233)Tyrantrum (227)Jynx (223)Yanmega (231)Drampa (231)Golurk (222)Honchkrow (243)Lucario (236)Sylveon (203)
Unfezant (226)Emboar (235)Emboar (235)Floatzel (221)Braviary (232)Cacturne (221)Nidoking (204)Heliolisk (219)Golurk (222)Kadabra (232)Gigalith (226)Vanilluxe (218)Escavalier (223)Tyrantrum (227)Banette (218)Weavile (243)Bisharp (232)Rimbombee (198)
Bewear (226)Delphox (230)Machamp (234)Clawitzer (221)Yanmega (231)Leafeon (216)Scolipede (203)Eelektross (217)Donphan (214)Delphox (230)Rhydon (222)Avalugg (196)Armaldo (222)Kommo-o (222)Mismagius (211)Bisharp (232)Magneton (223)Mr. Mime (192)
Dodrio (223)Salazzle (228)Heracross (234)Kabutops (220)Unfezant (226)Lilligant (214)Vileplume (202)Manectric (215)Mudsdale (214)Jynx (223)Armaldo (222)Cryogonal (190)Accelgor (220)Goodra (220)Decidueye (210)Krookodile (229)Escavalier (223)Clefable (178)
/Toucannon (222)
Arcanine (227)Sawk
/Crabominable (231)
Golisopod (218)Togekiss (225)Decidueye (210)Venusaur (198)Ampharos
/Zebstrika (211)
Golem (211)Beheeyem (221)Aerodactyl (221)Sneasal (189)Scyther
/Golisopod (218)
Druddigon (213)Trevenant (201)Pangoro (226)Durant (217)Mimikyu (177)

With this last table, I have bolded all current Pokemon that will remain relevant through all the generations. I have italicized Pokemon that are an evolution of a current Pokemon and are still relevant through all generations. That being said, keep in mind that their relevance is also determined by their moveset.

Taking a step back to look at everything as a whole, this gives you a good idea of what Pokemon will remain useful and what Pokemon will be outclassed later on in future generations. Pokemon like Gengar and Alakazam are the strongest and will remain so. Others like Ursaring, Gyarados, Kingler, Pinsir, Scizor, Dragonite, Espeon, Exeggutor, and more will stay in the top 10 of their respective types. Others like Rhydon, Electabuzz, Sneasal, and more will not only remain relevant but can also evolve once more to become even stronger. Lastly, not really pictured but Pokemon like the Gen 1 starters, Pinsir, Scizor, Houndoom, Gyarados, Tyranitar, and others will potentially get mega-forms which will leave them with legendary-esque stats. We don’t know how or if Megas will be included but it is always worth keeping in mind.