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Capt Goldfish

Shock Drive Genesect, with Techno Blast, how badly do you want it? Well, the electric version of Techno Blast is a very good move, but no STAB, so I’m not sure it’s going to be much for PvE. It has a place in ultra league in GBL, but it’s not going to change the meta just yet. It can’t be shiny this time around, but it is worth getting a couple just in case the PvP team shows up that you want to try.

How to beat this thing? Fire, and then fire. You can do this with just two people if you come at it with decent counters. We just had Heatran in raids, and a some of the community day fire moves were just here. How about all those random Eevee evolves where you wanted something else and got a Flareon, put them in coach, they’re ready to play. Today.

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