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Interactive Kyogre Raid Guide

**UPDATED 6/7/18**

Kyogre Raid Guide with Weather

Kyogre has come out of nowhere for the June 2018 water festival. We looked at the counters and realized we needed to do an update on our raid guide and infographic as some things have changed including new legendaries and tweaks to our simulator to increase accuracy.

How to use this infographic:

Based on level 35, the best overall counters are the first row with their best move types below. These counters will give high DPS and last a reasonable amount of time in combat. Specific counters in certain situations, such as against certain move type or in certain weather, are listed on next rows. For more specific info with different levels or your own Pokemon, use our custom raid guide linked above.


Kyogre is a tough Raid Pokemon with two main weaknesses: Electric and grass. In most cases, you’ll need at least 4 trainers with strong electrics to take it down. His quick move is always Waterfall which simplifies things nicely. But he does have 3 different types of charge moves:

  • Blizzard – by far the most difficult as it hits incredibly hard
  • Hydro Pump – a strong move but resisted by the best counters
  • Thunder – a generally weak move without STAB

Kyogre is currently the strongest water type so you’re going to want at least a few double water combos in your lineup, so save those charge TMs to get Hydro Pump. Kyogre is head and shoulders ahead of the next best Gyarados and is the strongest water Pokemon we will see for awhile so you will want some good ones.

General Kyogre Counters

Best General Counters


All hail the strongest and most useful electric Pokemon in the game! He is the strongest counter for Kyogre by far and your very best use of stardust. Even your relatively low Raikou may beat out your other potential counters against every kind of charge attack Kyogre has. Check the raid guide and our advice tool to see which of your Raikou are worth powering up!


Baby Raikou puts a decent show against Kyogre although he falls a bit down the list for Hydro Pump. I would not recommend using rare candy on Zapdos unless you are swimming in rare candy and don’t have any Raikou. Zapdos is hampered by poor attack moves.


Groudon’s Mud Shot/Solar Beam combo continues to be the most useful combo, but his dragon quick move is also decent here. Although he is only sixth general at level 30, his Solar Beam gets stronger as he levels up, and moves up to third overall at level 35. He’s especially strong against electric, and weaker against water. Groudon is a very good choice for rare candy as Solar Beam is great in both raids and gym battles. There is also a high chance he will eventually be useful as a double ground attacker if earthquake is fixed or he gets his signature move.

A Redditor also pointed this out: Groudon’s Mud Shot gets a significant damage increase from 3 to 4 (33% damage increase) at level 31. I know many people tend to stop at 30, but for another 8 or so candy and ~10,000 stardust the simulations show an incredible position jump in terms of DPS. If you have a MS/SB Groudon for those Thunder Kyogre, consider another 2 power-ups for this major breakpoint.

Good Counters

These counters have nothing on Raikou, but if you don’t have 6 strong Raikou (like me) then these are good options as well. If in doubt of what to use, pick something with Solar Beam.


So dragon types take less damage from water, and with his Solar Beam charge move, this unique combo of dragon and grass makes Latios an exciting new good counter against Kyogre. Latios is looking more useful than we previously thought… Latias is still useless though.


Venusaur does well against electric and water but like its slightly stronger grass bro, Alolan Exeggutor, who falls to the wayside under Blizzard. BTW, his new move from community day, Frenzy Plant, is his strongest against Kyogre.

Exeggutor – Alola

Newcomer Alola Exeggutor is looking mighty useful lately. He beats out his short-necked bro by being a dragon type which helps him resist water making him a stronger counter against Kyogre.

Best Counters vs. Blizzard


Once again Mewtwo’s psychic and ghost combo is useful against Kyogre with Blizzard. It’s practically always his number one raid move set, so if you are wondering if you should TM your Mewtwo, this should give you your answer. Use a Groudon or Raikou or Machamp or Dragonite to clear gyms, Focus Blast just isn’t worth it and Psychic is a terrible move currently and there aren’t many uses for it outside of an occasional tier 3 that you can solo without it.


Ho-Oh is the number 2 counter against Blizzard!  But that’s only with his psychic moves and Solar Beam.

Best Counter vs. HydroPump


Exeggutor makes a good stand against Kyogre’s Hydro Pump move, but can’t stand up well enough to his electric and ESPECIALLY ice moves to make the general counter list.


As dragon resists water, Rayquaza makes the list as a good counter against a Kyogre with Hydro Pump, but beware, Blizzard kicks his ARSE.

Great Counter in Foggy


Foggy boosts ghost making Mewtwo with Shadow Ball into the number 2 counter after Raikou. Again, that psychic, ghost Mewtwo combo is super useful!

 Good Counter in Windy


Windy boosts a double Psychic Mewtwo enough to make him decent against Kyogre, coming in fourth overall.

Good Counter in Clear


Exeggutor gets a nice boost in sunny weather to become is the third strongest grass Pokemon against Kyogre behind Venusar and his long-necked bro Alolan Exeggutor. Double grass is his strongest moveset in clear weather. He is much weaker against Blizzard. Solar Beam and Seed Bomb are both good options here with Solar Beam being a bit better.

Rainy Weather

Kyogre is a water pokemon and is boosted in the rain. This may be one of those weird situations where you hope for rainy weather when you’re out walking because you get a boosted Kyogre, saving so much stardust and candy. Hurray. Plus it makes his strongest counter, Raikou, even stronger! Double win! On the downside, rainy weather Kyogre is going to be a very tough fight. You will almost certainly need 2 battle parties for this one so try and catch some level 30-35 Eevee and grass Pokemon and evolve them regardless of IVS. They make a great second party.


Jolteon lovers had to scroll a long way to find it but here we are, Jolteon has a use again! The outclassed Eeveelution makes an appearance. Basically, you just want to electrocute the crud outta Kyogre when it’s raining.


If you happened to have a double electric Mew, the odds of which are 6,057,837 to 1 (OK I made that up), then lucky you, if it’s raining, he’s useful! He comes in as number four behind Joleton as a good counter to Kyogre in the rain.





A few thoughts on Kyogre: Kyogre shifted the game meta when he came out as being a very strong and useful water Pokemon. Turns out Kyogre is just super strong and hits hard and there are no good grass or electric defenders so Kyogre makes #3 on the gym attacker list at level 40 after Rayquaza and Raikou.

Make sure to have a few good ones as it will be the strongest water Pokemon for a while and a strong contender for best gen 3 legendary.  Did I mention you really should give Kyogre Hydro Pump? There was some thought before that Blizzard would make Kyogre a good Dragon killer. Turns out that’s not the case without a Dragon quick move to go along with it. No way to keep up with the full ice Articuno and other icy Pokemon.  Of course, don’t use Thunder, it’s a terrible move as I said before. So that’s water, water. Got it? Only you can put out forest fires.

Happy hunting! And for individualized results, check out our customizable raid guide where you can see far more detail and even enter your own Pokemon for your own personalized raid guide.